IFTTT integration with Wyze Cam

I am trying to get Wyze cam motion detection to turn on when everyone is gone from the house. The trigger is provided by Fing. When I use a applet made for this it allows me to set it up but when it runs I get an error. When I make my own applet I run into the problem it can’t detect my Wyze cam. When I check the cam with the Wyze app it is working fine. I have tried this on my iphone with the IFTTT app and on my computer using Firefox with the same result. I have restarted my wyzecam at least two times without helping. I have restarted my iphone as well. As noted by another person in the past it was working fine. His restart fixed the problem, mine does not. I just restarted this again and tried to make my own applet. When I get to the wyze part it askes which device and after a few seconds the option says “No options found”. When I use Fing to ping the cam there is no response. This all happened after both Wyze cam s/w was updated and IFTTT s/w was updated too.

You need to disconnect and reconnect the Wyze service in IFTTT, the cached credentials are stale but IFTTT does not properly see that.


I could find no way to disconnect the Wyze service in IFTTT, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. The first time this did not disconnect but after the third time it finally worked. This fixed the problem and IFTTT now sees the cam. But I had to reinstall everything not just the Wyze service. Is there another easier way to do this? Thanks for your help.

IFTTT just recently changed their user interface. To be honest it sucks. I will see if I can figure it out in the new interface.

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Something interesting … Having been forced to delete the IFTTT app and start completely over including programing new applets it now seems to run better. Before the applets ran but the execution was slow. I had two applets that the trigger was sunrise and sunset. These applets ran sometimes as late as two or three hours after they should have. Now they run on time. Even after the updated app and the old applets they ran late. So I have to assume that maybe IFTTT improved the s/w used to make the applets. If anyone has a slow executing applet I recommend deleting it and starting over from scratch.

I was in their beta test, and I told them it sucked. They didn’t make any changes based on any feedback I provided, sooooooooooooo…

IFTTT is a prime example of “You get what you pay for” :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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