Wyzecam motion events not triggering IFTTT applets

My IFTTT applets that depend on Wyzecam motion alerts are no longer working. I’m receiving the normal motion alert notifications on my phone but none of my IFTTT applets are being triggered. They were working earlier last week. All my non-Wyze IFTTT applets are running normally.

It would be nice if there was a way for Wyze to automatically monitor this service and correct it before customers have to submit support tickets and post on forums about it.

I had this exact problem at about the same time. Wyzecam catches the motion and records the video, but either IFTTT doesn’t capture and respond or Wyze no longer works as it did. Maybe Wyze and IFTTT just don’t make the cut and we have to look elsewhere?

My problem was solved by performing a simple camera “restart” via the Wyze app. The camera seemed to be working perfectly except IFTTT triggering for motion events was not occurring. I was receiving all camera motion notifications as they occurred, but none of my IFTTT applets were being triggered by the motion. Thankfully, the device restart fixed everything. Wish I had thought to try this simple fix sooner. Thanks to Wyze Support for their assistance.