IFTTT triggers not working

I have 6 Wyze Cams (v2), and just bought 2 of them about a week ago. I can only get IFTTT triggers to work on 3 of the cameras, and it only triggers the first time (after that, it doesn’t detect motion in IFTTT) I set up the IFTTT applet. Sometimes I can get it to work a second time if I save the applet over again. The other Wyze cams have no IFTTT trigger ability at all. Everything seems to be fine for camera setup in the app, as well has added to Google Home app. I wanted motion detection to turn on a smart plug. I’m using a Smart Life plug (I tried using a TP-Link plug, but IFTTT said there were errors on TP-Link’s end).

Any help appreciated!


Are you trying to get an IFTTT trigger to register within 5 minutes of the first one? I’m not sure, but the IFTTT trigger may be subject to the same 5-minute timeout restriction that exists for motion detection events.

About half the cameras don’t produce a motion event at all. The rest may produce one event, but then you have to re-save the applet before it’ll do it again. I wasn’t aware of the 5 minute time-out on IFTTT, but I’m pretty sure at least some of the triggers were over 5 min. after the last one. I’ve seen other threads on IFTTT motion triggers not working in November, but some partially working some not has me puzzled …

So I’ve been using the Pan since it came out and the recording when motion was sensed was perfect it would notify me if someone walked into the field of view using IFTTT applets.

NOW I added the sensors and I NEVER get my notifications at all and have missed some vital things that have occurred in my house which really irks me!

I hope this is sorted out because it’s one of the main reasons I’ve used Wyze over other cameras!

Please WYZE fix this because I’m about to start using something else that will notify me when something occurs in my room or home!

I see you have the beta tag on your avatar. I would suspect being a beta tester you have already submitted feedback and logs via the app to help them figure out what is going on with IFTTT. :slight_smile:

Oh your one of those passive aggressive guys who already knows the answer to something but asks it anyways in an attempt to make the other person feel a certain way…

Hehehe, I’m not sure how I feel about that. :grin:

All kidding aside, were you able to submit any logs to Wyze? I know they’ve been trying to nail this issue down, and are getting close to resolving it. Anything you can provide to them may be helpful in getting there. :slight_smile: