IFTTT not reliable. Wyze side problem?

Hi everyone!
I have some applets working with Wyze cam as triggers and some as task. I got a lot of IFTTT errors like: « The Wyze service or its API May temporarily be down ». Sometimes, just for one polling from IFTTT, sometimes for hours…
Do somebody else experience problems like this?

Yes. My IFTTT wyze applets stopped working with wyze on May 28th, with the same error you see.
Looks like this has happened before, oddly enough, around the same time last year (May 2018)

It was determined that there was a problem with IFTTT server settings.

It was determined by whom? How did they determine this.

I’ve had nothing but problems trying to use IFTTT myself, and i’ve verified it still happens after making a new account, resetting and rejoining devices, etc.

If you’d asked sooner, I could have answered and pointed you to where I read it.
Currently I don’t use IFTTT anymore, so I’ve forgotten and don’t feel like looking it up again.
One by one, the devices I used didn’t work, or made more false positive’s than real ones until a couple months ago I realized I’d turned everything off and was happy with the quiet.