Wyze, can you help with IFTTT and Smartthings?

Hi Wyze and @WyzeGwendolyn:

In the meantime you are “busy” with smartthings integration, if it is really happening some day, could you please help your users now that IFTTT is going down, at least for a bunch of your costumers that don’t want to pay a monthly fee (9,99!!!) for a crappy service.

The idea is to you guys to create and publish some applets and ask, whoever partner or friends you know with IFTTT plattform, to publish the same so we can have multiple applets for our multiple Wyze devices.

Just for starters (for sure people will jump in with more needs):

1.- When Smartthings Switch X is on, turn on Camera Y.
2.- When Smartthings Switch X is off, turn off Camera Y.
3.- When Smartthings Switch X is on, turn on Movement Detection on Camera Y.
4.- When Smartthings Switch X is off, turn on Movement Detection off Camera Y.
5.- When Wyze Sensor X is open, turn on Samrtthing Switch Y.
6.- When Wyze Sensor X is closed, turn off Samrtthing Switch Y.

That will help us to do our own “integration” in the meantime you finish the so waited, and ignored, official one.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the feedback! I can’t promise timelines still but I’ll share your examples with the team. :slight_smile:

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Hi Gwendolyn:

So, more than a month later, today we loose the applets on ifttt and have to pay 9,99 to get them back. Wyze still didn’t help (will they??) with the idea brought nor smartthings integration. The suggested applets will take less than one minute to do and publish, per each one.

We are not asking for much, just a bit of help and support so we can keep supporting Wyze.


Totally agree. We all need this.

Additional to those you put in, I’ll also need:

7.- When Smartthings Sensor x is open, turn on Wyze Bulb Y
8.- When Smartthings Sensor x is closed, turn off Wyze Bulb Y

Hope we can get this help from Wyze in useful time.

Not to defend IFTTT but they have warned of there changes for months and even gave the ability to name your own price for the last 3 months which was as low as $1.99 a month.
But I can play devil’s advocate here also…
Wyze knew that IFTTT was going paid for about a year now also.
If you can’t support HomeKit fully yet then Siri Shortcuts should be available.
I’m not really sure what SmartThings is other than it’s a Samsung thing but I’m sure in the months given that could have been supported also.
Wyze should have a roadmap available to users because there is a lot of this whole we are work on it and then months later they are still working on it.

I am also hoping for SmartThings integration, but the 2 things you bring up I am currently doing without IFTTT, I am just using Alexa as the go between instead of IFTTT

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Those 4 (5 to 8) yes, sure you can. The camera ones (1 to 4) you cant.

Therefore here we are asking for wyze help without success. I’m very happy with Wyze products but I’m already seeing alternatives as I need devices that can integrate with anothers.

Totally agree!!!

Specially the part where you say that Wyze is not interested to help.

Sadly I also will start to look for viable alternatives.

We need Smartthings support asap! What is the hold up? Can someone from Wyzwe please respond with some sort of timeline for support?


Hi, looking at the IFTTT integration Wyze does not pass to IFTTT what type of motion it was detected?
In this example it was a vehicle but it was not passed to IFTTT, on the payload of the message it only shows Motion.
I have the CamPlus subscription and on the Wyze app alerts it shows the type of motion.
I would like to have just one App on my phone alerting me and at the moment I used homeasssistant, but not all info is accessible to the IFTTT to pass it to homeassistant.
Is there another way of getting this info from IFTTT or another service?