Wyze sense motion with ifttt

The only options I see in IFTTT for Wyze are for the camera; nothing for sense motion sensor or door/window sensors. I also cannot seem to add wyze sense devices into smart home app or smartthings. As is the only thing any sensor can do is turn on/off notifications or cameras. That is extremely dissapointing. I had hoped of turning on a 3rd party Hall light when motion is detected in the hall and triggering alarms when window sensors are open at night. None of this actually seems to be possible however. I hope more integration with IFTTT is coming soon.


You can do most of what you want to do with shortcuts in the wyze app.
Smartthings is not currently integrated with wyze



Shortcuts is a feature that allows you to set up specific actions based on a schedule or a manual trigger. Examples of Shortcuts are:

  • Turning on motion detection and notifications for all cameras at 7AM Monday through Friday
  • Uploading a 12-second video to the cloud at the top of every hour

Creating a shortcut requires triggers and actions. A trigger tells the shortcut when to start and an action is the end result of when the trigger’s conditions are met.

How to create a shortcut:

  • To add a shortcut, tap […] in the top-right of the Home screen of the Wyze app. Then, tap Edit Shortcuts.
  • At the bottom of the next screen, tap Create Shortcut.
  • Enter a name and set your icon by tapping the current icon. It will allow you to select from five icon types: I’m home, I’m away, Go to bed, Wake up, and Other. Tap the icon you want.
  • Add an action. There is no limit to how many actions a single device can perform in a trigger or how many devices can be affected by a trigger. You can even select a group of Wyze Cams to have the entire group affected by whichever Action you select.
    • Wyze Cam v1/v2 – Turn motion detection on/off, restart the camera, and upload a 12-second video to the cloud, Turn notifications on/off
    • Wyze Cam Pan – Turn motion detection on/off, restart the camera, upload a 12-second video to the cloud, Turn notifications on/off, and reset position
    • Note:The 12-second videos will show up as an “auto scene event” in the Notifications tab.
    • Tap Save to save the action
    • Tap the back arrow to return to the Shortcut page or tap Edit to delete or rearrange your actions.
  • If you would like to automate your shortcut on a schedule or an event, toggle on Automate and choose an Event or Time of day and days of the week to automate the action.
  • Tap Done in the upper right corner to save your shortcut.
  • To check if your shortcut is working, go to the Account tab and tap on Shortcut History . It will show if a shortcut was triggered, when it triggered, and if it was successful or failed to complete.

How to modify a shortcut:

  • To edit a shortcut, tap on the […] in the top-right of the Home tab of the Wyze app. Then tap Edit Shortcuts.
  • On the next screen, tap the shortcut you want to edit.
  • To delete a shortcut, tap Edit in the upper left corner of the Shortcuts screen and tap on the Delete button next to the shortcut you want to delete.
  • To rearrange a list of shortcuts, tap Edit in the upper left corner of the Shortcuts screen. Tap and drag the two lines on the side of the Shortcut that you’d like to rearrange.

None of that helped one bit. Shortcuts can only do those very few things. None of those shortcut actions are close to what I am trying to do. I want to turn on a 3rd party light bulb (not supported), trigger an alarm sound or any number of things that would be possible if wyze sense was truly compatible with ifttt or alexa or google. It seems only the camera is compatible. I leave the camera armed to record 24/7 with notifications enabled 24/7, so that pretty much renders all of your current shortcut actions absolutely useless, as all they can currently do is turn on or off what I want always on.


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I TOTALLY agree. This is LAME. And what makes me angry is Amazon said it was Alexa certified. How? I too want to use motion sensing of the Pan Cam to simply turn on my kitchen light which is run with a Wink switch. If it only WAS certified to work with Alexa this would all be simple. And I dont understand what the developers are waiting for. This is a RACE. The best cams will win. Everyone has alexa or something like it. I have switches and relays with more capabilities. What cracks me up is the shortcuts within the Wyze system are to turn on/off motion? Send a notification? It’s a loop of useless things. I’m sorry if I wasn’t duped into buying this I wouldn’t be as angry. If you want to be a simplistic camera that’s fine. Just don’t purport to be what you’re absolutely not on Amazon. Now I need to return this thing. Too bad cuz I like it. I liked the design and the camera itself. Frankly I bet I could dig one of a million old phones out of my closet and fanagle a system together. If you’re about to release these features then I’ll wait. But one of these you made a comment like don’t hold your breath so I guess I won’t.