SmartThings Integration

I agree and would love not to have to mess with doing all the things I do now to get them to work


I hope Wyze will make RTSP and MPEG Format Standard on the Wyze cam firmware along with HTTPs support to support secure streaming. I appreciate the effort to add a firmware support in 2018 as this helping to create an open smart home system based on open industry standards but security is something I would like to see an emphasis more put on.

Isn’t going to happen. Unless they come out with a new generation camera with a better (more expensive) processor, you wont’ see all of those at once. The cam’s processing power is already maxed out, hence RTSP being a separate firmware.

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There’s a #wishlist topic for the next gen camera which already includes the suggestion that it include “built in” RTSP. You may want to hop over there and vote for and/or comment on it:

I would rather see integration with Hubitat than SmartThings, but I do have both.

Hubitat, like Wink, does not require a cloud connection.

Any news with Smartthings integration? Thanks.

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Yes, SmartThings integration please.

+1 for ST integration! I would definately go exclusively Wyze if you did… I would replace several other cameras of a different brand with more Wyze cams if you did…


I’m less concerned about the cameras working with ST, but the other sensors and such. The big one though is the door lock, if that will integrate with ST then I will be buying three when they launch.

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I like the Wyze Product but won’t be ordering any more if they don’t integrate with Smarthings. Your app is not “smart” enough and obviously is not able to control other manufacturers devices. So don’w wast time building a smart ecosystem that duplicates many out there. Do what you do best which is great hardware at cheap prices. Leave the rest to Smartthings and other hub controllers.

I like SmartThings and would like seamless integration also, I currently tie my WYZE devices in using IFTTT, virtual switches and WebCore, the problem I have with SmartThings recently is the fact they are pushing everyone away from the ‘classic’ app and the new app lacks some of the functionality, but that’s a different topic.

Make sure you voted in the upper left if you have not already.

They are zigbee certified, so in theory should work with SmartThings to a certain degree.

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Check it out again if you haven’t recently. I’d say it’s now 90% feature parity with Classic.


Really, I have not messed with it in months, I have resisted and stayed with ‘classic’ due to the items that were not working. I will have to give it another try if they are getting closer.


I setup Homebridge the other night and did the integration with SmartThings. When I enabled the SmartApp I did it all in the new app. It even listed the WebCore apps which I enabled months ago. It has always been a pain going between the apps but it does look like they are much closer to being fully converted so it will be nice to one have to use one going forward.

I too have been resistant to the new ST app and have stuck with the Classic app… I heard they are suppose to absorb webCoRE as an official part of ST now which is awesome… I may wait another couple of months before trying the new app out again…

I am using the Schlage Z-Wave lock. It works with Smartthings new app. I was able to set it up from there with no problems. The issue is that they have not moved all the rest of the functionality so in order to set lock codes, I have to use the Classic App to do that. But for locking/unlocking and adding to scenes and automation, it works great. I also happen to have a Garmin smartwatch and the app on the smartwatch can control any scenes you have defined in Smarthings including locking and unlocking the door. So I am 80% happy at the moment,

This is a common miscommunication from SDC. Webcore will never be absorbed by ST. SmartTHings has come out with a new Rules API that Webcore will need to move over to. They showed a proof of concept of webcore with the new API at SDC, but the Webcore devs will still need to move it.

Smart Lock Guest Access (under SmartApps) does this in the new app

Yes I have set up all my Wyze bulbs tied to Smartthings by creating virtual switches… This is a pain because of the single trigger/action of IFTTT so to turn a bulb on, change the brightness and then the color temp, you have to create an ifttt applet for every possible brightness and bulb color that you want to use and then create a virtual switch for every combination of those that you want…ridiculous. Would be so much better if Smartthings handles these natively including setting brightness and color.