Any way to integrate the Wyze sensors into a SmartThings enviroment?

Benn wondering if there is a way to use IFTTT or some other means to get the Wyze sensors to trigger stuff in SmartThings?

Yes, IFTTT to smartthings “virtual switches” that you create in smartthings.

Then webcore or another integration can be leveraged.

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Thanks. I have my starter kit on order with extra sensors. I have not pulled the trigger on a HUB. Still looking into a few and trying to decide which way to go. I am replacing a DIY home automation setup that I did over 15 years ago. A lot of things have changed and I really don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get things the way I want. I was just impressed with Wyze and I hope the sensors are as good as the Pan Cams I have. I currently have all my doors and windows monitored with GE NX-650 wireless sensors which have been super reliable but I see no way to utilize them. Being retired now I am looking for the most economical yet reliable solutions. I have all my Smarthome X10 pulled out and I am looking at what and where to do replacements.

As stated above I have mine integrated into SmartThings using IFTTT and visrtual sensors in SmartThings and using Webcore. I have been able to do what I want, on some things there is a bit of a delay but yes it is doable. Using the forums here and in SmartThings and Webcore you can find all the help needed to get it to work.

Ya thats the way iv got my love webcore, but would be great if wyze would work with smarthings instead of jumping threw all the hoops.