IFTTT Integration and Camera Settings

Bear with me, newby to Wyze!!
Using Smartthings to turn on / off a virtual switch that via IFTTT turns on / off motion detection of the camera. Question is, with my other cameras, i can verify that motion is turned on / off depending on my virtual switch position. How can i tell if motion has been turned on in Wyze? Do it need to turn it on in the camera setup under detection, or is that what is happening via IFTTT? What about sound, how can that be turned on / off via a virtual switch and IFTTT.

Thanks for any assistance!

@scott.taylor you can check the shortcut history found under your account settings of the Wyze app to see what IFTTT automations have run. You won’t see a reference to IFTTT but you will see actions that were a result of an IFTTT applet.

Virtual switches are the easiest way to do things like turn on motion detection or sound detection. Because IFTTT is so limited when it comes to what you can do per applet you would need an applet per action. Applet to turn on motion, another to turn off motion and the same for turning on and off sound detection.

On the STs side you would need virtual switches for each of these actions and some scripting to turn on and off those virtual switches so that they will match the status IFTTT has called for.

If you click the switch in ST to turn on motion detection, when you click the switch to turn it off, you would need to automate the process of switching the On virtual switch back to off. This is all pretty easy using Webcore and Smartthings.

Hopefully in the future Wyze will allow access to shortcuts either through direct API access to players like Smartthings, Hubitat and IFTTT. This would make things much easier.

I gave up on Smartthings 6 months ago and moved to Hubitat. That platform offers a connection with IFTTT that helps a bit with what you are trying to do. Instead of having individual virtual switches for each off on choice you can have a single switch for both off and on.

Using the Webhooks service in IFTTT you can relay instructions to Wyze for your cameras. A virtual switch turns on Motion detection in IFTTT. Then when that switch is turned off in STs a command is sent to Wyze using Webhooks to turn motion off. This method reduces the need for both on and off virtual switches and keeps your virtual switch in sync with the wyzecam detection status.

You can do this same thing in Smartthings using Webcore which does the webhooks connection between Smartthings and Wyze.

Thanks for the very detailed reply and information. I do see the arming now, thanks.

I have been using virtual switches since ST integration fro rBoys was removed for Blink cameras, and although slow the send messages, it still works with my routines.

I’m happy with ST at this time, we core, and other add ones fit my neeeds well. Thought about Hubitat (sp?) but until i find something impossible to do, i’ll Stick with ST. I find it humorous that as we automate our homes, when service is interrupted many forgot how to operate a light switch, lol!

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I have a question about wyze triggered action, for example, if there is motion detected, turn on light.
then the light will be on forever, how do i setup to turn off the light after a certain time?

Only by using third party tools. Here are a couple of links with more info: