IFTTT support is now live!

IFTTT has been added to Wyze Cameras! For V1 units firmware is needed, and for V2 units is needed. If the camera is not showing up on the list of available units please check the firmware version it is using.


List of THIS functions:

· Motion is Detected

· Sound is Detected

· Smoke Alarm is Detected

· CO Alarm is Detected

List of THAT functions:

· Enable motion detection

· Disable motion detection

· Record a short video clip (12 seconds, loaded to the AWS cloud)

· Turn on notifications

· Turn off notifications

THIS functions are best thought of as events that cause a reaction. THAT functions should be thought of as the reaction. Both THIS statements and THAT statements can interact with other services using IFTTT. A popular example of this is getting an Email that motion was detected rather than a notification.


How to setup:

  1.   Download IFTTT and setup an account if you have not already.
  2.   Tap ‘My Applets’ and the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner.
  3.   Tap ‘this’ and type Wyze into the search.
  4.   The first time selecting this you will be prompted to log into your Wyze Account, do so.
  5.   Selection ‘Motion is detected’ and then select which camera you want the motion from the drop down menu and finalize it by hitting ‘Create Trigger’.
  6.   Next, tap ‘that’ and search ‘Gmail’(for this example), you will need to link your Gmail account as well.
  7.   Select ‘Send yourself an email’, and make any changes to the contents you want sent in these emails, then select ‘Create action’.
  8.   Finally you can select if you want a notification sent to your phone when this Applet is run, and tap ‘Finish’.

Now, whenever my selected camera detects motion an email will be sent to me telling me what camera and what time the alert was made. This is subject to the same 5 minute cool down for notifications that Alert videos are set to, and does NOT share the video itself, only the details. You will still need to check the video itself through the app, under notifications. IFTTT is a fairly basic and easy to use program, but can be powerful with the right mixture of elements.


Great work! Thank you so much! This was the barrier that kept me from replacing all of my interior cameras with Wyze. I have noticed, however, a problem with one of my cameras. I have set up IFTTT triggers to turn motion detection on/off when I toggle a virtual switch on my SmartThings hub. For the camera selection under “That”, I chose “All Cameras” (I have two now and will be adding more). When I toggle the switch, motion detection is properly toggled on/off on one of my cameras but not the other. I deleted the triggers and created new ones to just toggle the motion on the camera that wasn’t toggling (thinking there might be a problem with “All Cameras”), but the result was the same. The IFTTT triggers work with one camera, but not the other. I have confirmed that both have the correct v2 firmware. Any thoughts on other troubleshooting steps?

Thanks again for the IFTTT support!

Remember that the real power of IFTTT is the integration across hundreds of different devices from different companies.

For example, when motion is detected, I can display a message on my TV screen, using one of the Tivo actions.

When motion is detected, I can turn on a connected light that is supported by IFTTT.

I can tell Google Home to “record clip” and I can get a 12 second recording from all cameras.



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Thank you devs for IFTTT support. This now by far the best camera under 50$ in the world. I have been telling everyone about it.

The IFTTT service is likely being overloaded right now with everyone making applets and personally i was only able to create one applet before the device list continuously says: Loading. I am sure this will be resolved in a few days once everyone gets done tweaking their applets.

@steveura: double check that both of your cams are running same fw version, if that is the case try resetting the camera/s by unplugging/replugging. This should clear out any kinks.

I hope in the future that ifttt notifications will not be subject to the 5 minute cool down window. Im using a couple cameras in the front yard to detect motion and turn some lights on for 5 minutes. then the camera notices them turn off again as motion and restarts the 5 minute timer. giving a would be theif a window. We either need less cool down period or deeper control of the camera through ifttt. maybe theres something i dont know about


Will we be getting more THAT functions in the near future? It would be helpful to be able to change:

  1. All of the settings under Alert Settings/Alert Detection.

  2. At least some of the Advanced settings (Night mode and sound recording in particular).

Is it possible to add an IFTTT notification to detect Day/Night mode change?

Anyone know if the IFTTT app is coming to IOS. We Apple people are feeling the pain?

Here ya go! Opening this link on your phone should take you to the marketplace page.

I’m not sure if it was always like this, but when I create an IFTTT Applet with motion detection, it only allows me to select “Any Camera” instead of a specific camera. Can someone shed some light on this?


I had the same problem. I had so much trouble with the applet I finally deleted it and re-installed it. So far its working normally. I was using the IFTTT “if phone disconnects from a specific wifi motion detection is enabled”.

The problems continue with enable/disable motion detection via IFTTT.

I originally set up my Wyze (3) cams to enable/disable motion detection when my android connected/disconnected from my home wifi. That system worked great for a month or so but over the past 2 weeks has not operated as it should.

In frustration I deleted all applets and re-set them up fresh yesterday. The applets trigger as they should but the motion detection does not change (if on it stays on, if off it stays off) . I did not realize it was staying on when it should be off because I am not getting notifications when it records a clip.

The related problem is when I go into IFTTT to look at the applet settings the drop down shows “all cameras” and will not allow for selection of individual cameras even though I have 3 cameras on the system. Because of this drop down list issue I think something must be corrupting the applet after I set it up but I have no idea what the problem could be.

Ideas? Thanks for reading.

Does anyone have the Enable/Disable WyzeCam app push notifications working successfully? I’m getting an Applet (Action) failed with the message “There was a problem with the Wyze service.” (Action skipped after 5 action errors).

I found that when I lose individual cameras in that drop down (when it only shows “All Cameras”), I have to go back to IFTTT to the Wyze service and reestablish the connection to my account. I go to the Wyze service, click on the gear icon for settings, go to the “Edit connection” button, log in to my Wyze account, and click on the “Accept” button again to give ifttt permissions to your Wyze device list. After this when i check the drop down for “Which Device” in my applet then all my cameras are listed again and the applets work correctly.

The frustrating part is that I have to keep doing this every few days!! Not sure what the permanent fix is for this, but this works for me to fix the problem every few days.

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I have exactly the same problem and I have no idea how to keep the cameras connected to the IFTTT service.

It worked fine for the first few weeks I had the cameras connected to IFTTT but then the problem started and is still there.

I have tried deleting the connection, deleting and re-creating the applets and resetting the connection. After I do any of these things the IFTTT applets work fine but by the next day the applets still trigger properly but do not control the cameras.

I was hopping the Wyze people could help solve this problem. We can not be the only ones experiencing this issue.

I am using a Android phone and applets that turn the cameras motion detection on and off in the morning and again at night. I also use an applet that turns the motion detection on and off when my phone connects and disconnects from my home WIFI network.

Awesome guys. I hope to see Google Assistant support follow soon.

Seem to be having the issue where by my Wyze account just stops working with ifttt every little while and I have to reauth. I have two rules setup to turn my camera on/off when I am away/home. Would be really nice if this could be ironed out.


PS. Please hurry with google home support :slight_smile:

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If anyone would like to trigger Phillips Hue Lights using WyzeCam:

if this possible


move to preset 2

Is something like this possible?

disable PAN SCAN
enable PAN SCAN

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