Pssstttt.... Announcing Wyze Cam IFTTT integration

Geofencing. Advanced alert scheduling. Sending alerts to your email. With the latest integration with IFTTT (If This Then That), all these features, and more, are now available for your Wyze Cam!

Search for Wyze on IFTTT and you’ll see a list of Wyze applets that we’ve uploaded for your convenience. You can either implement these applets (some customization may be required), or create brand new ones that suit your specific needs. Wyze Cam supports 4 triggers (motion, sound, CO alarm, and smoke alarm) and 5 actions (turn on/off motion alerts, turn on/off push notifications, and upload an alert video to the cloud).

Want to create and share your own applet? Check this out.

So, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts below!

The ability to use separate triggers for smoke/CO turns that feature from less than useful to great. Now to set it up and test.

That is awesome!!! Thank you very much!!!


Look forward to seeing what we can do…

Well, the 1PM and 2PM video uploads worked. Kind of a failsafe to have a short, recent video if something happens to the camera.

Hey Wyze,

"Here are some examples and scenarios where you can enable Wyze Cam and IFTTT:

Turn on motion detection when you are not home (geofencing)
– Turn off alert videos every weekend
Send alert notifications to your email
Any scenario that you can imagine!"

I don’t see an applet for turning off alerts strictly on weekends. I tried creating one, but it does not give me an option to choose day/time to turn off notifications for alert videos. I would like to the turn off notifications on certain cameras on weekends, but not all of them. Excited about the features and capabilities though…

Am I missing something?


Great features.


I have already created two IFTTT widgets ON and OFF on iPhone’s Today View to turn on/off push notification manually.

On “Enable motion detection when I leave home”, to make it really work, it needs to recognize that if there’s another person in the house, it should not enable the motion detection, i.e., it needs to know when both persons wanted to enable the motion detection. Sounds like - If Person 1 wants Enable and Person 2 wants Enable Then Enable.

“Disable motion detection when I am home” works fine as any person is home, the detection is disabled, which is good.


Upload a short video to the cloud every hour. I could not get this to work. “Wyze seems to be down right now.
Try again” Counts 1…2…3…4 but nothing.

Interesting, sure, but WHERE are the videos uploaded? How can one access them? The documentation is quite lacking.

I’m trying to use the motion sensor on the Wyze Cam to turn on a Philips Hue light, but the connection through IFTTT doesn’t seem to be very reliable/consistent and the applet fails to run… It would also be nice to have the motion sensor work to turn on the light even when I don’t want it to send a notification or record a video clip of the event (like a security system that isn’t armed), I also have to keep adjusting the sensitivity as changes in lighting sets off the motion sensor and/or there are a lot of false detections…

It’s an awesome camera and IFTTT functionality makes this so much better, it’ll be incredible when all of the reliability bugs are worked out. By far the best bang for your buck and I’m excited to see how it grows.

The videos are uploaded to the same place as motion/sound alerts (found in the Notifications tab of the Wyze app).

Perhaps one of the Wyze folks will chime in here, but I believe the IFTTT motion triggers are still subject to the same 5 minute blackout period as regular alert notifications. This may explain some of the inconsistency you see. Also, there is a (not very well defined) interval between IFTTT’s checks for activity which may also explain some of the inconsistency. I’m not sure what could be done to improve either of these.

Here is my comment about the IFTTT as well as the problem my system has with sending me alerts when the motion sensor is triggered:

Everything works as designed on my two Wyze Cams with the exception of not getting alerts when the motion sensors are triggered. I have a work ticket on it that I filed two weeks ago.

  1. Since I don't get audible alerts each time the motion sensors are triggered on either of my two Wyze Cams, I am happy for some kind of functional alert notification system, in this case, emailed alerts. I am hoping ultimately that the techs at Wyze Cam will figure out the problem and my system will be 100 per cent functional as designed.
  2. I have considered the possibility that the problem about the alerts may be caused by some app on my cell phone. Since I only have one phone with an Android version that Wyze Cam will work with I can't test this theory using other phones
I recently had a problem with my virus protectors not playing nice with each other on my PC. I couldn't figure out why suddenly Advance System Care was being uninstalled as well as why my digital camera was no longer being recognized when I plugged it into one of the USB ports. Once I uninstalled MalwareBytes, that problem was solved. Upon reinstalling Advance System Care it didn't disappear again, and my digital camera was recognized when plugged into one of the USB ports. Apparently, MalwareBytes viewed them both as potentially dangerous, and put out "restraining orders" on both of them.

This is why it’s conceivable to me that the alert problem might be related to something on my cell phone interfering - a classic, “It’s me not you” situation. I could be wrong, only time will tell.

I don’t know enough about ifttt to really utilize it though I have been reading and trying to learn. I’m glad we’ll be seeing some videos from Wyze on the subject as all the help videos have been great.

Thank you for another great added feature.

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Very nice!!! So far I’m only using one applet. I’m new to IFTTT as well.

Thanks Wyze Team!

Feature Request - IFTTT Status - returning states of the chosen camera(s)

It’s critical to know what current states are for deciding what to do in some use cases.

I’m also new to IFTTT, so, how do you have more than one camera per applet? The applet only allows one camera selection, and it does not appear that I can have the same applet twice, with different cameras. I wanted to try the turn off motion detection when I’m home, but I have two cameras. How do I accomplish that?

Scroll down to the bottom of the applet settings. There’s an option there “Which Device”. Click on it and it will give you an option to select “All Cameras”.


Thanks, but, sorry, maybe I should have been more specific. I don’t want all cameras. I have two cameras at home, and three cameras at our office. Essentially I want them on opposing schedules, Home: Motion detection on during the day and off nights and weekends; Office: Motion detection off during the day but on nights and weekends. Since the Wyze app does not allow you to configure daily schedules, I was hoping that IFTTT would enable me to do that, but maybe not. Maybe I need two different accounts?

I just set this up to send an hourly alert from both of my cameras. It worked at 2:15 just like it should have, but the video from both clips are from the same camera. My two cameras are named “Bay window east” and “Bay window south”. Although the app showed “Auto scene alarms” for both cameras, the video was always from the East camera.

How do you set up geofencing apps? I can’t find any way to set any sort of location for If This.