One touch activate/deactivate notifications for all cams feature request

Has anyone suggested a new feature in the Wyze Cam app to allow for one button enable/disable notifications on all registered cameras?

Clicking into each camera set up page and waiting for them to connect takes a long long time if I have several cameras throughout the house.

Does this feature already exist and I just missed it?

Turning off notifications on all the cameras once I’m home would be fantastic and then when I leave, I can enable all the camera notifications in one button touch.

Would anyone else find such a feature useful?

Yup, it already exists. in the Notifications tab in the app, tap the gear icon. There it is: Push Notification ON/OFF.

You can also control this using IFTTT. You can use IFTTT to do this based on the location of your phone.

If Push Notifications are turned OFF , does it still record to the cloud ,if motion detection is on ?

Yes, it still sends clips to the cloud if motion detection is on. You can also use IFTTT to turn on/off motion detection.

I know I can use IFTTT but as far as I know ,It’s based on location , don’t like that, my location is off ,unless I’m using maps navagation.

You can use any available IFTTT trigger to take Wyze actions, not just location. For example, if you have an Android phone, you can trigger actions when your phone connects/disconnects to a specific WiFi or Bluetooth (Android Device triggers). Or with either Android or iOS, you can create a button on your phone to take actions when it’s pressed (Button Widget triggers).

Sounds good I’ll check it out more

I have 3(three) wyze cam v2. Is possible to turn ON push notification ONE CAMERA only while two others are OFF? I tried turn ON one camera but it turned ON all cameras.

No, it isn’t possible but it is a frequent request, so hopefully it will be implemented.

For now, the workaround is to use IFTTT’s “motion detected” trigger to cause a push alert to occur.