Is there a way to get push notifications from just one camera?

We’ve got five Wyze cameras, but would like to get push notifications on our phones (Android) for only one of the cameras. Another option would be the ability to have different notifications for each camera.

We’ve got an elderly parent living with us and want immediate notifications if she falls, or an alarm goes off, or … We still want to detect motion from the other cameras, but don’t need the interruptions. Looking through the event histories of those cameras is good enough.

One thought would be to have two Wyze accounts and place the Mom-cam on the new account. But that’s more cumbersome than just having some more notification flexibility per camera instead of per account. And could we even have two Wyze accounts on one phone?

Push notifications are camera specific. Take a look at the settings page for the camera and you can turn them on or off.

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Thanks (with embarrassed grin). I should have looked first instead of believing a certain member of the family that it couldn’t be done.

Happy to help.