Push notifications

it would be great if we can turn on push notifications for individual camera.

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I’ve added your idea to Wyze’s feature request tracker. It is planned for somewhere down the road, but likely will be several app updates away yet.

yes, this would be great. I want some cams to record clips on motion, but I don’t need notification every time, where some cams I do.

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Yes, this is a must. I doubt anybody that has multiple cameras would want push notifications about every motion event.

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I want the push notifications for every event, but I only have 2 cameras. Otherwise what’s the point of having them?

If you have a camera in a very busy area, you wouldn’t want your phone receiving a push notification every 30 seconds. If you have a camera in a high traffic area, and one in a low traffic and you would like to receive push notifications for only the low traffic, then you don’t have the ability to turn push notifications on for one and off for the other. That would be the point of having push notification for one camera and not another. You can configure the motion recording individually, but not the push notification. Push notification is a global setting.

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Camera picks up motion (in green ) I can watch it when I rewind yet same motion doesn’t show up on notifications!! ??

it picks up motion and send notification when it’s far yet not in front of it where it’s important.?


E02E10CD-AB0B-4A56-8CD9-B028D1413DDC.mov (3.89 MB)

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Any updates on this feature request? It would be very nice to have the ability to turn on push notifications for only certain cameras

This is in testing. Stay tune for future release.

Idea for Notifications: Can you allow an option to turn on notifications to go to my phone (Android Pixel XL) notification area in addition to the Wyze app?

It would be really nice to have the option to have specific sensors, cameras, and devices always on so if we leave the front door open, we get alerts. But we don’t necessarily need those alerts for our sliding door or windows while we’re home. So a per device always on notification would be helpful.