Feature Request: Per-camera notification tuning.

I love the Wyze Cam’s, but there are several features that should be relatively painful to implement that would go a long way to improving this product.


  1. There should be an in-app setting to enable/disable movement notifications for specific cameras. As an added bonus, it would be good to also configure this by hour of the day.
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I was just coming to the forum to request this same thing. I have certain cameras that I want to record movement events, however don’t need constant push notifications on. However I also have several cameras (one in particular) that I definitely want to be allerted to any and all motion/sound activity.

In other words, please enable ‘Push Notifications’ for individual cameras, instead of all-or-none.


Yes please!

I second the motion, I had a camera being shared with me and had to removed it because the constant notifications it was sending from local traffic, this is a necessary feature for people with multiple cameras.