Mute notifications for specific shared cameras

My parents recently got a Wyze Cam V2 and shared it with me. I also have 2 Wyze Cam’s (V2) in my house. I like having the notifications turned on for my cameras but I get so many from my parents shared cam. Is there a way to mute notifications on a device without disabling the alerts for the camera?

Use Case

My Cameras
Camera A
Camera B

Shared Cameras
Camera C

Person 1 wants notifications for Camera A and B but not C (but wants to be able to see live stream for C if needed)
Person 2 wants notifications for Camera C

Is this possible?

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No, unfortunately not without disabling Alerts for the camera. I know the devs are aware of the many requests for individual camera notification control. Hopefully we’ll see it coming in the future.

Why hasn’t this clearly needed no-brainer settings improvement been made? It makes NO sense to be forced to share the notification settings of the shared camera’s owner!

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@Loki Is this on the roadmap already? Or on the wish list for us to be able to vote to get this higher on Wyze’s priority list? I agree with @tabaks that this is a no-brainer and incredibly irritating when my wife wants to get the notifications and I don’t want to see all of the notifications of kids playing in the front yard while I’m at work.

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I agree. My neighbor shared one of her outside v3 cameras with me. The traffic sets off the notifications a LOT. Being unfamiliar with sharing, I just turned the v3 off but that turned it off for her also. :grimacing: Tried telling her to point the v3 at the cars not the road but she likes it where it is. She has to be getting the same notifications. Almost makes me want to stop sharing it.

Here it is, January of 2023 and we still don’t have this feature available. I am about to install 4 cameras at a family cabin and share them with 8 people. I don’t want to listen to their notifications when they are playing out in the yard. Why can’t the Wyze guys figure out how to disable notifications for specific cameras?

Is this really in the “Probably Not” list? It disappoints me that I talked people into buying Wyze cameras and now they are all complaining to me about having to get each other’s notifications! I’ll be looking for different cameras.

I just got an update, 2.38.4. I can now go into: Account-notifications-push notifications, and turn on or off notifications for individual cameras. I can now leave the notifications on for our summer cabin and turn them off around our main house so we don’t keep getting notified when we walk around our home! FINALLY!

I would like to take the Mute option one step farther and have an option like Mute for 1 hour etc. when there is a lot of activity like a party or event where you don’t need recording events and notifications for a specific time period.

Has Wyze even acknowledge this issue. We should be able to get alerts on specific phones and each individual determine what they would like alerts on.