How to Turn Off Notifications on Devices Shared to Me

I can’t seem to find how to turn on/off notifications on devices (Wyze Cam v2) shared to me. I have my own devices which I can control the push notifications but there is no option for shared devices. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Unfortunately, on a shared device, you cannot turn off Notifications. The owner has that control. The only thing you can do is tap on the Bell on the top tight of the Home Tab to silence all notifications - this will include yours as well.

I am sure someone else will respond if there is an alternate method,


Thank you so much. Hopefully there’s another alternative. I hope Wyze can allow for this in the future if it’s not available currently.

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I believe that has been requested, you can search the Wish List area to see.

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Really needs to me a way to turn off notifications as a shared camera user.

You can set the notification tone in the phones sounds for the Wyze App to silent (or a silent audio file)

Works on a Pixel 6 Android, not sure if Apple is capable.

You still will get notifications but no sound.

It’s been over a year since this request came in and is sorely needed. Anyone at Wyze looking at this? I consider this a major design flaw.


That is one item keeping me from switching some of my cameras from Ring. I monitor my parents house and if I install Wyze I have to hear all the notifications. One camera I want notifications, but not the others.

BTW, for anyone waiting for a Wyze solution to this, if you have an Android phone, one workaround while you wait is to use an app that control notifications, like Buzzkill or Macrodroid. For either of those apps, you can set them up to watch Wyze notifications and if they contain words in that notification, then you can have it mute and dismiss the notification without you even knowing it ever came in. So if you don’t care about your family member’s “Pet notification” every time their cat walks on the porch (or whatever notifications it may be that you don’t care about), you can tell it to watch for a notification with that camera name and the word “pet” and to mute and dismiss it automatically and now you’ll never get any of those notifications, but you can still get the other ones you do care about, like maybe when a person is detected during certain hours of the day, etc (yes, you can even schedule it to do different things during different times of day, etc). I actually do this all the time for myself with different cams. You can even totally mute ALL the notifications if you want to, or just during certain times of day. Apps like those give you a lot of control over this issue while you wait for Wyze to allow you to change it yourself in the Wyze app. You can make it work however you want.

Sorry iOS users, I don’t know of any options like those for you at the moment, but some might exist.

Just thought I should add that my Blink cameras I have in my other house I can arm and disarm each camera individually. I’ve had these for years. Wyze is way behind in the flexibility of notifications in this area. Does anyone from Wyze monitor this forum?

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Wyze this is needed. Please allow disabling notifications for a camera that’s been shared with you.

This feature request has been on the Wyze #wishlist since October 2018 with 1167 Votes and 825 posts. Its status is currently “In Progress, Researching”.

Follow the link, add your vote at the very top of the thread, drop likes :heart: around on great posts in the thread, and add your post in reply at the bottom.

This post specifically requests the ability to disable notifications for shared cams:

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You can do this with Wyze too, both arming the camera to record or notify. You can do it with your own shortcuts (when you “Arm/Disarm” the camera with a shortcut button), or only during certain hours, or you can set it up to do this when you are away from home (arm it with recording and notifying you only when you leave home) and turn off automatically when you return home. In fact I have already been doing it with Wyze for a while. I have specific cameras that have notifications turn on notifications when I leave home and turn off when I return home, and some that only do it at night while I’m sleeping. All of that is already possible and free if you are the owner of the camera.

What this thread is talking about, is having separate options for someone it is shared to. Right now, when we share the camera with someone else (spouse, roommate, family member), they aren’t the owner, so they can’t choose to change the settings. But this may be accommodated for at some point maybe this year if we’re lucky, but as far as primary users are concerned, Wyze already allows all that flexibility of notifications (arm and disarm cameras individually, when to record or notify, etc) as I’ve been able to do all that for a while. Or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

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