Shared user, separate accounts but unable to turn notifications off one without turning off both

My friends recently installed a wyze 3 camera to monitor their pool equipment and made me a shared user so I can monitor it when they are away. My problem is this; although their camera and mine are subscribed to separate accounts (and different emails), when i turn MY camera notifications off, it turns his notifications to me off also. Is there any way to stop this from turning his off when i turn mine off? I am baffled as to why this is happening. My wyze3 camera is set up in a very busy area and I keep the alerts turned off otherwise I get notifications every few minutes. These constant notifications from my camera is making me crazy but I can’t’ shut mine off without shutting his notifications (to me as his shared user) off too. Please help. Thank you

Thats correct you cannot turn it off,only on the shared account, if you turn it off on main account then all shared will be off as well

How are you turning off notifications for your cams? From the bell icon in the upper right on the Wyze app Home screen, a Wyze app Shortcut or Rule/schedule?

From the bell icon.

Create a Rule/Shortcut to turn off notifications for your cams only:

Wyze app Home > Add/Create (“+” icon upper left) > Add Rule > Shortcut > give your shortcut a name like “Off” > Add Action > select your cam > Turn off notifications > Save. Optionally add any other cams you own. When done adding cams, tap “Save” at bottom of screen:

Your shortcut will appear as a big blue circle icon at the top of the Wyze app Home page with the name you entered. Tap the icon to turn notifications off for the cams you selected.

Now repeat to create a shortcut to turn notification back on. Go through the same steps, but select a different name and “Turn on notifications” for the action for each cam.

Use your on and off shortcuts to turn your cams’ notifications on/off.

To edit or rearrange the order of your shortcuts: Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon upper right) > Edit Rules > select your shortcut to edit or use the handle icon on the right to drag and rearrange.


Seapup, I don’t know how to thank you on the forum so hopefully you will receive my thank you from my email reply. I have zero capabilities when it comes to Electronics in any way shape or form. Your instructions on how to turn off my notifications my one camera has made me more grateful than you can ever imagine. I don’t know if there is a manual on how to do what I needed to do but if not, you should probably write one. Your instructions were clear and to the point and even someone like me was able to follow them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Hopefully you will get this email and if you do, please let me know how I can sing your Praises on the Forum itself.


Glad to help and thank you so much for the reply. :+1: Mavens and Moderators are Wyze users who volunteer time to answer questions and help keep this user-to-user forum running smoothly. Individually, we don’t have answers to everything, but collectively with the help of our awesome fellow users here in this Wyze community, we’ll come up with a solution to almost any problem.

There isn’t a manual per se, but Wyze does have online help. Some of the help pages are slightly outdated due to frequent app and hardware updates, but the gist of operating all products is covered. This is the help page for Wyze Cam v3 Rules including Shortcuts:

It’s a lot easier to understand the Wyze app and device features when textual instructions are supplemented with screenshots tailored to a specific use case. But that development and maintenance effort would be enormous and make locating an answer difficult. That is part of the reason why this forum exists… a place where users can share tips, tricks, and help each other with unique problems centered around their specific use cases and environments. If you decide to delve into some of the more complicated features of your cam such as Schedules, Triggers, etc. and need help, please reach out if/when you need it. Thank you again for the reply and making me smile! :smiley:

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