It's been two years since shared cameras cannot have notifications turned off

Wyze, come on… Two years with this bug.

I have a camera that is shared. I use Android, the other user uses IOS.
I keep trying to turn off the notification from this camera (and only this camera), but it keeps turning it back on. The other user is not even using the Wyze app, but we must keep the sharing active.

If I stop sharing, the issue goes away. If I start sharing again, the issue returns.

This is extremely annoying as I only want specific cameras to push notifications on my phone, BUT I CAN’T TURN THIS CAMERA’S NOTIFICATION OFF.

Come one, please do something.

What is the other person using to view the camera?

Wyze app.

I’m confused… :slight_smile:

The user opens the app unfrequently. However, it does not really matter for the problem because if there is another user with access to the camera, the bug happens.

Hey Wyze, can we please have this resolved? I am unable to turn the notifications off for this camera.

And this happens even if each of you turns off notifications in the App?

I need notifications from other cameras. I just don’t want notifications from this specific camera. But it insists in turning it back on the moment I leave the configuration screen or close the app.