Great and not so great experience with Wyze support

Hi Wyze team, I’ve been trying to get support for my ticket 379298 but no reply so far.

My last ticket support went amazing and fast, even though the fix needs to wait for a release, but at least I got words that you guys were working on this.

For this ticket, it’s complete silence. Can anyone help me please?

The issue: I’ve been trying to turn off notifications for a shared camera but the bad boy keeps sending them on my phone. I don’t want to complete turn off notifications because I need them for other cameras - I need just this one off, but it’s not staying off.

Thanks for any assistance.

@WyzeGwendolyn to the rescue! :slight_smile:

@katriik, do the shared users of the camera keep turning the notifications back on? The notification settings follow the camera.

HI @Omgitstony, no. I have two invitations sent. From these, one accepted but rarely use the app, and the other never accepted the invitation. I am the only one managing the configurations. I am the only one changing the notifications.

I have also tested to cancel their invitations and in this case, I’m able to turn off the notifications.

So if you cancel the share, you are able to turn off the notifications and they stay off? If that’s true, since your shares very infrequently use their app, might as well keep the share off.

Yes, if I turn the share off, it stays off.

As much as what you say is true, it does not resolve the fact that I would like to keep the camera shared and the notifications off.
Side info: the camera is at the shared person’s house - it’s kind of their right to have access to it, so that’s why I want to keep it shared.

No doubt. Looks like the “bug” issue is that the notification settings won’t stick on a camera that is shared or shared but not accepted. The “feature” issue is that main users or shared users can’t have independent settings for notifications at this time. That feature addition is on the wishlist here on the forums, go vote if you haven’t already to promote that feature.

I totally believe you and am on the same page about the shared user having access to the camera. I was just offering an alternative so that you, the main user and really only regular user can get notifications from the camera you want. I am in the same boat right now with my wife’s access and cameras in our house. She wants to see our mission critical cameras, but not my timelapse cameras or project cameras. She doesn’t want the notifications, but I do. I

Sorry for my delay here!

@katriik, it looks like you sent your support request in as a log through the beta app. These are sent directly to the dev team and are not responded to. They generate support ticket numbers so that people like me can find them. I would recommend contacting the support team using this link instead:

Support Request Form