Notifications turning off on their own!

I’m having an issue where notifications are being disabled on their own. I toggle the push notifications on, it works for a few hours, then I notice I’m not getting them so I go back into the app and notice they have been disabled. It has happened since I installed the app 2 weeks ago and I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded, yes my phone is up to date, yes the app is up to date, yes I’ve logged out and logged back in. I operate on IOS and my husband operates on on android, he doesn’t seem to be having an issues. Besides that, the only difference between our two accounts is that I have access to camera plus. Any suggestions ?

What rules do you have running? What does your rules history show? Anyone else use your account login and password?

Are your cams shared between you and your husband? If either of you turns off notifications via the Wyze app, both of you are affected.

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It is a shared camera, we both have our own log-ins and his notifications are turned on and seems to have no problems receiving them.

I currently don’t have any rules. My husband is the only shared user but he has his own log in credentials.

Do “his notifications” always stay enabled? Do they ever show disabled when he checks? Since you share the device, you share notification settings. If they show off for you but are always on for him, then maybe the settings are populating correctly on your end showing that they are actually enabled.

His notifications are on, they are not being disabled. They are on and always display as being on when I check. I will compare the two the next time I notice mine are off, which should be at any point today since it’s happening daily. Either way the notifications are being disabled on their own since neither of us are manually disabling them.

I dug a little further and it seems this problem was brought up last year with uncertain resolve (linked below). Ultimately clearing the cache was recommended but only had mixed results with other users who stated the same problem. I will try that now and see if it helps.

Which makes me think that your app is somehow not syncing with the servers/camera showing that notifications are actually enabled. Like stated above because you share the same device, you also share the same notification settings.

And for clarification to make sure I’m understanding this correct, it is the notification settings in your video doorbell pro that are shown as being disabled? Or is it your account level notification settings? Or is it your wyze app in your phones os notification settings?

There are three different levels of notifications settings and all must be enabled to receive notifications, but if any of them are disabled you won’t receive any.

So far clearing my cache has worked for the past few days. I’ll update if it happens again.