Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

Camera is connected and recording clips but I am not getting any notifications. I have Push Notifications turned on. Firmware is updated. All else is working fine. Thank you!


This is exactly my issue as well. I see the camera following with the green box around the subject however I have yet to receive a notification.


I guess I should feel lucky My notification Alerts Are coming in, although Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour late


Sorry to hear this, wizearse and mizzzcat! As a quick check, do you have push notifications for the Wyze app enabled in your phone or tablet’s settings?

HDRock, we’re sorry to hear about that issue, too. :frowning:

You all may want to contact customer support using this form:

I have a ticket on it .
Jason said In his email on Nov 27 " the dev team got back to me and this will be fixed in the next app version"
He resolved the ticket for now
So , we will see , The cams are still useful But it will be nice if it gets fixed , It Started in September
They didn’t find anything wrong when I ran Route This

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Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad to hear that we have a fix coming up for you. :slight_smile:

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Second this. Even the “push notification” toggle in settings keeps turning itself off? Not sure why this is happening?

Seems to occur when I turn the camera off and back on again. I do this quite frequently as I turn the camera off when I am home and on when I am away with a Life360 IFTTT command.

Yeah notifications don’t work for me either on android pixel 3 running v9 latest fw etc

Mine started working again yesterday.

Just installed the camera, it is detecting and capturing motion but I am not getting push notifications on my phone. Firmware

New app, said a lot of bug fixes, yet still no notifications working? C’mon, notifications are sort of handy.

Mine started working a week ago.

After upgrading the app, Push Notifications On was set for all my cameras. This setting was off prior to this. I never received any notifications. I went ahead and turned this off for all my cameras.

Maybe it will be fixed in the next update :worried:

Same problem I have with iOS app since the beginning. Updated App. Updated cam firmware. Have emailed Wyze support twice with screenshots. No reply yet. I can turn on notifications in the Wyze app and it works for a day or so, then turns itself off again. This makes it useless brick for any security purpose.

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Still same problem - notifications turn off by themselves in Wyze app on iOS 12.1. When I turn them back on under ‘Account’ they work for another day or two, then it turns itself off again. Have sent many emails and screen clips of app and all iOS settings to Wyze without any reply. No solutions found here that work more than a day or two. Not what was advertised. Too bad, nice little cam.

Does anyone else use the app with your login? They could turn notifications off and it affects the account globally.

Nobody else uses it but myself. I have installed on both iPad and iPhone to test. They both turn themselves off, though Wyze app is still in background and enabled for background refresh under settings. Just can’t get it to stay turned on. Sad because I think it’s a great camera and great software … if only the notifications worked! Thanks for the suggestion.

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I would recommend you file a support request for this so Wyze can check what’s going on with your account on the server end.