Push notification stopped working

My four Wyezcams work fine for a week…but now I do not receive any push notifications on iPhone 6 and the app also crashes often. I tried power cycle, reboot phone, relaunch app, and toggle the push notification switch etc. I really love the camera and want it to work. Any ideas?

Hi, I just tried this trick by logout and login Wyezcam app. The problem solved and I receive push notificaiton!

Sadly that didn’t work for me.

This is also happening to me. The notifications appear in the app but they do not show up as push notifications. I tried logging, reinstalling the app, power cycling the camera, no luck. I also emailed wyzecam a few days ago with no response.

Did you accept push notifications during app install?

Yes. Do you work for Wyzecam?


I didn’t agree to accept push notifications during app install. How do I get back to that part of install so that I can accept push notifications…Thanks.

Logging out and reinstalling the app did work for me, but not for long. I got a couple of notifications and it stopped. (Android) I wonder if it’s simply getting blocked by OS since there are too many events.

I too no longer get push notifications. Samsung S7. Without these, the system has little value to me, otherwise great product.


Why does Wyze puke out product before testing?

$$$ to try and keep the lights on at headquarters.

push notifications never worked for me. I just set up my camera a few days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

not working for me either.

app version: 1.2.76

opened a support ticket FOUR days ago, have not a word back from Wyze Support.

Very poor customer service / support.


Just receied my Wyze Cam last week after delays. I set up the camera and everything seems to be working except receiving Push notifications.

Firmware Version:

App Version: 1.2.76

Device: Wyze Cam v2

Phone O/S: Android

Logging out and logging back in seems to have worked for at least one camera. Just got my first notification

Same issue here. Worked fine for the first couple of days. Then I tried adding an IFTTT rule so that push notifications turned off when I was near home but it ended up turning off all push notifications permenantly and they haven’t come back even after deleting the IFTTT rule and log in / out of the app on Android.