Notification Bell goes off by itself

I’m running Wyze app latest version on iOS 13.2.2.
Sometimes when i open the app (most of the times) the notification icon (bell) goes off by itself and i’m loosing the notifications. Anyone else has the same problem?

I’m running the same iOS version on my iPad. My Wyze app is V2.5.53 and I haven’t experienced this problem. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app?

In notification settings on iOS, change it to “persistent” instead of “temporary.” That will probably help. (This is in your iOS settings, not in Wyze.)

do you have any of the cameras “shared” with anyone?

Hi and thank you for all your responses. Uninstalling/reinstalling the app didn’t help. Neither persistent on iOS settings. Bell inside app still goes off by itself sometimes. And yes i have “shared” my cameras with another person.

ding ding ding. we might have found your issue.
this is more than likely the issue. and its something that the other person might not even be aware that by turning off notifications on THEIR phone, it DOES affect yours as well. this has been a major complaint of the current share settings. check with them and see if that something they had turned off on their phone at any time. and keep in mind its also something that could’ve been hit by accident and they didn’t realize it.

here is one such topic you should check out and vote for.

shared user permissions


Hi and thanks for your response! Well i took a look inside other person app which i’m sharing Cameras and i discovered that bell was off so i turned it on. After 1-2 days when i opened the app on my phone once again i saw the bell was off by itself (what a surprise). I asked the other person if she has opened the app for two days now and she said me “No”. So that’s not the reason this is happening. It drives me mad.

Alrighty then. I really thought we had it there. Do you have any schedules set up to run at certain times?

I had the same thought but unfortunately it didn’t work. No i don’t have any schedules. I’m surprised though, there is no one else having the same problem? What i’ve noticed is when i open the app, it always starts with bell off for a second till it loads and after loading bell appears on but sometimes it doesn’t. I think bell shouldn’t be there at all. You can really press it accidentally anyways…