Notifications between phones

Question?? So I am having an issue with notifications between phones. I put a camera in my parents home. They shared the camera with me. When it comes to the notifications, if I turn them off from my phone it turns the notifications off for the camera for my mom. So I’m asking is it possible to turn off notifications to my phone and not turn off the camera notifications from to my mom’s phone? I use Wyze cameras at my home, so I would like my home notifications to continue. So turning off notifications on my phone setting is a no go.

Welcome to the forums! As of now the settings follow the camera like you experienced. If you or they want to disable notifications, you or they will needs to disable at the OS level (if you want different than what the other user wants) but this will effect all Wyze notifications from the app.

There is a large wishlist item seeking the feature you are wondering about. Give it a vote to help it along! It is labeled as researching, so it is being looked into at some level.


I fully agree with sbweeks03 . I just ran into this problem a few weeks ago. It would be very helpful if the person who set up the camera can have their own notification settings that are completely independent from the shared user’s notifications. This would be a very functional upgrade. Thanks.

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