Is there a way to turn off notifications for shared cameras?

Is there a way to turn off notifications for shared cameras? I’m the shared user that sets up the rules that control some lights, but don’t want to get all the notifications. How do I turn them off without turning off the notification settings for the original owner?


Notification settings follow the device. You’d have to mute your account notifications (bell with Zzz on main page) or mute the app notifications in the android OS. Or have the other user mute them. Some ideas. :slight_smile:

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Silly. Just because user A wants to be notified, everyone who has view access also has to get notifications? Go vote on it: Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

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There is one of the bigger wishlist items requesting the feature of shared user permissions, so that each user, shared or main, can have individual settings.

Give it a vote!

If I Zzz the app, I will not get the notifications from my personal cameras. I just don’t want the notifications of the cameras that are shared with me. This seems so simple? K


That is correct, the bell controls the app notifications and would mute everything. I understand what your saying, but it’s currently a requested feature on the wishlist which is labeled as “researching”, which means it’s being looked into at some level, but not implemented yet. You can change your forum notification settings for that wish list to “watched”, and then you will be updated if there’s any more posts or changes in the status of the wish list.

Thanks, posted it to watch.

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A common sense issue. Everyone with shared access to a camera doesn’t want to be bothered by constant notifications because the owner does. I applied rules that say mute during the day and mute in the evening that span the entire 24-hour period but I’m still getting constant notifications. I’m not turning off notifications for the app because that would turn off my cameras notifications. Another thing I’m curious about is the on-off ability of the camera. If a shared user can turn a camera on or off for everyone that’s crazy. And dangerous. Or does the On /Off only apply to the shared user?


Are you trying to control a camera thats shared to you? or one of your cameras? can you post a photo of the rule, and make sure all actions are shown? what does the rule history show for when the rules shouled have triggered? Account > Rules> History.

Applies to all users of the camera. There is a mega wishlist request for to be able to have further ability to change and lock out shared users from camera cunctions. Some light reading for you here:

Having this same issue as well. I would love to mute notifications from shared separated from app notifications that would include my devices.

Can’t understand how I can actually turn off the shared camera, but not turn off notifications. It’s just plain lack of hindsight.


I’m making an account just to comment on this thread. Google Nest ecosystem owner here. I recently picked up a Wyze cam V3 as my gf has them and loves them, and I see they are similar performance for nearly a third the cost, and wanted something affordable to monitor my new rabbit’s cage. Before I even bought mine, my gf shared all of her cams with me so I could keep tabs on her chicken coop and such. All fine and dandy. After getting mine, and realizing i wasn’t getting any sort of notifications, I found Push Notifications were turned off in the overall “Account > Notifications” menu. To my surprise, all of a sudden I am getting bombarded with activity from all of HER cams, which I have no desire for. WHY on earth is there no obvious management for this within each individual camera? Or maybe an overall “Shared Camera Notifications” toggle? This blows my mind. And this article is from MAY 2021 AND STILL NOT ADDRESSED.

And then what glenn said…

I too noticed this and was startled. What the hell good does it do to turn a camera off, if a shared user can just TURN IT BACK ON. UHH HELLO?? THAT’S A MAJOR PRIVACY CONCERN. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering I no more and buy this cam and see this:

I want to like your cameras and ecosystem, I really do. I’ve been fed up with my Nest cams constantly dropping connection despite a strong wifi network. But until these ridiculously stupid issues get addressed, i’m not spending another penny. And I’ll be championing these problems elsewhere ensuring everyone else possibly interested is made aware of such an oversight.

I am still confused about shared camera notifications… if I am the shared user and create a rule to mute notifications… does that actually mute them? If it does, are they muted just for me, or for the owner also?

Tried that. Still getting notifications. We need local app settings that can turn off notifications to devices shared with us.

These are fairly requested features. Give it a vote to help it along!

These should be at the top of priority lists. It has been a year since this was brought up alone and still nothing…

I requested this 3 years ago.

My daughter, sister, and two nephews all have Wyze cams now (thanks to me). The problem is that we all share “some” (outdoor) cams with each other. However NONE of us want to be notified when those shared cams detect motion - only the OWNER does.

We STILL can’t do this? How can that be?

Don’t Wyze employees use their cams and have family members with them also? Do they ALL get notified when ANY shared family cam sees motion? If so, how can they live with that? It’s like the boy who cried wolf - pretty soon, you just ignore all notifications! That’s crazy.

Please fix this! Time’s up! Quit coming out with new products and instead add an essential feature to your oldest and original cornerstone product that everyone can use!

A Wyze loving customer who’s just dying for this one feature!


#BUMP! I’m in yalls boat now. Previously, I just disabled ALL notifications, but now I want notifications from HMS. But, I’m still getting routine notifications from a cam V2 that “person B” shared with me… even after turning off all notifications on the cam of “person B”.

It appears to me the notifications database now has some orphaned records, which will take some effort to clean up. Send in the cleaning crew!

This kerfuffle is impacting my ability to use my HMS security system.
gramps karen

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Did anyone ever figure this out? We have multiple cameras for outside as well as a baby monitor. I want all notifications for the baby monitor but my outdoor cameras go off all day long draining my phone battery and are quite annoying. How can I mute my notifications while keeping access to the cameras without impacting my husbands notifications? I’ve had to remove the cameras from my account. Which completely defeats the purpose of them.


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Currently there is no way to manage device notifications for individual shared users. There is a wishlist topic requesting this exact feature, give it a vote if you want to help it along!

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You and your Wife sign into YOUR Wyze account.

Worked for me, now we both have full access.

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