Shared cams giving ME alerts but not the owner

I have 3 cams. My daughter has 1. I bought my son 2 new black cams. He shared the views with me. I get CONSTANT alerts (every few minutes, 50+ yesterday) just from moving tree branches. My son gets NOTHING. I can’t reduct the sensitivity but for some wierd reason I have the ability to TURN OFF HIS CAMS. I thought maybe I was just able to turn off MY ability to view them, but NOPE. His cameras can get turned off by the person he shares a view with! Is that insanely stupid or what? Isn’t there a way HE can get notifications but I can prevent ME from receiving them? I don’t want to prevent myself from receiving notifications from my own cams, just from his. Is there aready a solution that I just haven’t found yet?

Nope. Users that are shared a camera, share the notification settings with the main user. The only way you could not get notifications and he still could would be for you to disable your account notification level (aka bell with the Zzz) or disable your app notifications in your devices OS. But that way all of your account notifications would also be disabled.

There is a rather large wishlist topic asking for a permission set for shared devices, to where the shared user settings if a device can be managed better.


Sounds like your son has notifications turned off in his app - so he never sees the notifications that his cameras are generating. Account Settings > Notifications > In-app Notifications


You could each have your own account. Problem solved.

We already do. Problem not solved.

Nope. He has his set to get notifications, yet HIS cams hardly ever notify him while I get them from his all the time. It lets me turn his off (stupid idea) and it lets me set a “don’t bother me” start & stop time. He does get notifications from the cams I have that I have shared with him. Very odd…