Is there a way to turn off notifications for shared cameras?

So has this be implemented yet?
I’m getting tons of notification from a share camera and this is very annoying

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Unfortunately not , you can vote for this wishlist request and hopefully Wyze will be able to implement this in the future !

For now the best advice would be if you are the shared user to mute push notifications through the app. In the home tab , click on the top right bell icon and make sure it has the zzz on it which means the notifications are snoozed until you tap on it again to remove the zzz meaning you will receive push notifications .

How is this not implemented yet? I’m truly getting fed up with this company for not apparently caring about dedicating development resources to basic functionality. Required functionality. This is simply disrespectful. I’m switching to a better solution when I have the free time.

Please stop notifications from shared cameras, Wyze.

Give the wishlist a vote to show support!

Lol you might as well move on to another brand. They just keep giving the same copy/paste response months/years later. This thread alone is from May 2021, with someone commenting they suggested it THREE YEARS AGO. What a joke. I threw mine in the trash and moved on to Nest. I couldn’t even bear to put it up for sale for someone else to realize this nightmare.