I can't turn off notifications on a specific Wyze Cam V2

I have a Wyze Cam 2 that is working fine, except that I don’t want to get notifications from it. So I go to the camera settings → notifications and I turn off the “send notifications” option.
Hold and behold, a few minutes later, what do I get? You guessed: a notification, or multiples of it from the same camera.
I’ve been trying to turn this setting off specifically for this camera only for the past weeks and nope, it simply does not want to stay off.

Plugin version:
Google Pixel XL
Wyze app version 2.6.36

Does you share your login with someone or are using it on a different device also? I had a similar problem when I had my phone and tablet use my login and both had the apps open…if that’s the case log one out or uninstall one and then try the notification change.

Another thing is to make sure your camera goes into live view ( past the 1/3 2/3 stuff) and then click the gear. Then go into notification settings and unclick the setting you are having an issue with. Leave the app alone for a moment then exit the menu. Sometime I’ve had the issue of if I clicked something I wanted to change then exit that menu really fast, the exit command would leapfrog the setting update and it wouldn’t take. Let me know how this works for you. Gl!

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Indeed, this camera is shared with two people. But none have the app open when I’m making the change.

Shared shouldn’t matter, those you shared to will have their own notification settings. It’s if you share your login user name and pw.

Edit: above is incorrect, appears that notifications stick with the cam when concerning the main and shared users.

If I turn off notifications on a camera that is shared with me , it turns off the owners notifications also , and vice versa


So I just did a test. I stopped the sharing and turned off the notification and it worked. So there was an issue with the sharing. To note: my shared users are on IOS while I’m on Android, not that this should affect something.


True, which is kind of annoying. I have users who don’t want specific notifications while I want them, it’s conflicting. Seems the notification configuration is saved on the camera, not on the app.

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@HDRock, I take back my statement. Just played with it and you are right. I for the life of me I thought it was sepperate through testing but just did it now and I was able to control one from the other. Thanks for the correction!

@katriik, glad you got it figured out!


I just wanted to be sure everyone knows how it works , it’s messed up and it shouldn’t be like that , hopefully they going to change some things with the camera sharing


No prob. Might have been a previous firmware I was toying with, this was pretty early this year. I edited my post above to show my oops.

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