How to Turn Off Notifications on Devices Shared to Me

IMO it’s a deal breaker. I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed. Basically if we want to share devices, we have to turn off a major set of product features.

My family uses the cameras to monitor older parents. We share a large number of cameras and we’re in different time zones.

We all use iPhones. What is the name of the app?

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[quote=“alexandre, post:15, topic:208206”]
FilterBox Notification Manager and buzkill
[/quote] were mentioned in this thread but both are only available on andriod devices NOT on iOS devices.

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In addition to FilterBox and BuzzKill that @donhp mentioned, MacroDroid (which is what I use) is also a capable App. I believe Tasker may also be capable although I have not used it.

Unfortunately, due to strict restrictions the iOS Gestapo places on apps mucking about and fiddling with core functions such as Notifications, I believe these apps are only Android compatible.

My husband just instalked and shared a camera with me and the notifications are driving me INSANE.

Do you have any other Wyze devices that use notifications, or just this 1 camera?
You could mute all notifications from the whole app so you don’t get the notifications.
On Android, you can set all notifications to “Silent” so you still get them, but they don’t make a sound or vibrate your phone, but you can scroll and see them later if you want.
Also on Android, you can use other notification control apps to decide which notifications come in and which don’t.

This really should be fixed as it is a user experience issue that severely reduces the utility of the camera sharing “feature”. Turning off all notifications, especially when that includes your own, likely higher priority cameras, is not a solution for most users. The Multiple Users’ Permissions for Shared Users Wishlist item is tied for 6th in most likes, but seems to me like the topic is too muddled with several features (notifications, playback, SD access, etc etc). Can we carve out just this notification item and try to get it pushed through?

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