Configuring alerts for invited viewers

I have a few Wyze Cams installed, and am on the most recent update. (Android)

I shared the cams with 2 other people (also on the latest update). An android and an ios.

Can they configure which kinds of alerts they receive?

My brother might want to see motion alerts and CO2/Smoke alerts, but I only want to see CO2/Smoke alerts.

It appears that only the “master” of the cam has the option to configure alerts, and that my choice is forced upon all.

Am I understanding the behavior correctly?

Or are they just using the app wrong. (I can’t confirm, since I’m not geographically near them.


Thanks in advance!


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Please click the Support link above and then FAQ. Scroll down to the FAQ: “How can I share my Wyze Cam with other users?”. Your question is answered in the 2nd sentence.

I should have mentioned that I did search this site before posting my question.

Oddly, that particular FAQ didn’t come up, but since you pointed me to it, yes, it answers the question, but, it is wrong.

Perhaps it is out-of-date, because people I’ve shared cams with DO in fact receive alerts.

They just can’t configure them.

So I suppose the answer is -

–Shared users will receive all alerts that the Wyze Master sets.

–Shared users cannot change the alert settings.

Hopefully Wyze folks are monitoring this and will update their FAQ.


Per the FAQ, shared users “will not receive notifications for alert videos”. I can interpret this to mean that shared users get the alert videos in the app, but do not get push notifications for them. Not having shared myself, I can’t test.

So, are you saying that your shared users are receiving alert videos AND receiving push notifications for them? If so, I’ll pass this along to get the FAQ corrected. If the shared user gets the clips, but not push notifications, then perhaps the FAQ wording could be made more clear.

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Yes…my shared users get both in-app notifications and push notifications to their phones and ipads when I enable monitoring.

It worked that way on the iPad before the last update.

On android, push notifications were not working (for either me or shared users) until this most recent update.

Thank to for passing this along to the tech writers.

Whoops! This is definitely outdated. Now all devices logged into the Wyze app within the last 7 days can receive push notifications. I’ll tell the team! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, RickO. :slight_smile:

Thanks G!

My pleasure! :smiley:

Just so that I’m clear… Shared users will now receive push notifications as well as the alert videos? If so, that’s excellent! :slight_smile:

That is correct! :smiley:

It would be great if the user that accepted the shared camera could set a preference to disable his or her reception/display of the alerts for that share.

I (usually) do not want any alerts on any shared cameras I have accepted in my Wyze app but I do use the motion alerts on my own cameras in the app.


Just installed 4 cameras around the house, my wife is a shared user, she does not want to get any notifications at all. The only way i was able to do that was to disable push notifications from the App in settings for the iPhone (IOS). Still not sure each individual iPhone can configure its own preferences or if the master controls all guest settings.

I agree that the ideal will be that every user can configure their own Push Notifications by type and by camera, and even to be able to set their own schedules

To keep it simple, whatever the owner of the cameras can do in regards to alerts, the shared users can too.

(BTW - please allow alert schedules to be set once for all cameras by default, then overridden for individual cameras or camera groups.)


For my application, I have ONLY Smoke/CO2 alarm alerts configured, and thankfully, those will (hopefully) never happen, so we are not overwhelmed by alerts.


To the Wyze ones…

Please implement more ways to make alerts truly useful. The more specific an alert is, the fewer false alarms are created.

Some ways to do this are:

  1. Easy: Provide a grid to allow section-by-section selection of motion detection areas. One single rectangle is a good start, but a grid that allows selecting non-contiguous areas is better. (this is probably the biggest bank for buck upgrade...)
  2. Hardest: Make that breakthrough we all need in eliminating false alarms for outdoor applications from shadows of leaves on windy days and sun/clouds. I don't know of anyone doing this anywhere close to well. Biggest limitation in outdoor camera usefulness.
  3. Hard (in terms of making an an easy mobile UE): Allow more granular control over time of day alert windows, again allowing non-contiguous selection of hours.

You can turn notifications on/off separately on each phone. They do apply to all cameras though.

Enabling a user I’ve shared my camera with to override my alert settings with their own would be a great update. I have 6 WyzeCams (so far) set up in our church for security. Not everyone on the security team needs (or wants) to get every alert on every camera I have set as the owner.

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Overriding the alert settings for each user would not be possible since each camera either sends the clip to the cloud or it doesn’t. However, the ability to enable/disable notifications for when this happens on a camera-by-camera basis has been asked for quite a bit. Presumably this would extend to shared users so each user could determine which camera(s) they want notifications for on their particular phone.

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I have shared my two cameras with someone and he is receiving push notifications even though I have turned them off. I am not receiving push notifications. He doesn’t want to recieve the push notifications. Why is this and how can we turn them off?

There are three places to control push notifications:

  1. Per camera in the cameras Settings > Event Recording > Send Push Notification. This can be controlled by the camera owner or shared user and will affect both.

  2. Globally on an account basis by tapping the bell icon on the top right of the home screen, or using the switch in Account > Notifications. This affects only the owners or shared users login account on all devices they have logged in to the Wyze app.

  3. In the phone’s OS settings, which can enable or disable all notifications from any particular app. This applies to only that particular phone/tablet. (Note: this is not possible in some versions of Android.)

You can think of the three notification control options as three concentric rings or gates. If the inner gate (level-1, per camera) is closed, no notifications get beyond that level. If the gate is open, then the notification can attempt to get past the next level (level-2, account), etc.

You will want to make sure the per camera setting is on, and that the global setting is on for you and off for the shared user. If the shared user wants notification for their own cameras but not yours, unfortunately there’s no way to accomplish that. If they turn off the per camera setting, it affects you too. If they turn off their global setting, they get no notifications. If that’s your situation, I’d recommend hopping over to the topic below and voting for it (you must click the VOTE button at the top):


Having more granular control would be a great addition.

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this would be a great addition