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Hey guys so I have several wyze cams v2 around my house. I wanted to try some of the new ones at our business. One of our artists set it up on his app and shared it with me. It’s one of the new v3 cammeras but I can’t seem how to figure out how to get motion notifications. Is this possible with him sharing it with me? Could I attach these cameras the regular way even though he already hooked them up? I plan on putting them at all of our locations.

As the person they are sharing to you can get notifications, but it’s not as straightforward as it normally would be.

Whatever notifications they have set up, you will see. That can be good or bad, depending on how well they set that function up. You might see every breeze of a tree limb, or you might see nothing no matter what. Totally outside your control as the person being shared to.

When a notification is received, if they delete the cloud clip before you, then it is gone for you too. You deleting the clip will not affect them, however.

You can try to take charge by creating a “Rule” that says when the camera sees motion, then record a short clip to the cloud. That’s a lot more effort than would normally be required. Rules also let you say things like “if a person is detected” when you don’t have Cam Plus. So doubt that particular rule would ever alert you.

Best thing is to decide who really should have control, or share control. I tell people who have trusted individuals inside their own household that they can share the same user ID & PW to the controlling account to get full control for everyone. Maybe something like that can work with your business situation. You would know better.

Or maybe you should legitimately be the one in control, and they should be the one who gets the share?

Things to consider. Not much control as the person being shared to tho.

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Oh okay well thanks for your detailed response I appreciate. I will have to add them to my account and share them with him. I was going over and over all the settings was confused on that.

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