Still connected to other account?

Im a little frustrated and confused. We use the wyze cam v2 for our office. A coworker set up the camera the first time and we all shared the same account. Theyve since left the company but likely still has the information.
The camera was blinking yellow and blue so I decided to set it up on my own account but now im not sure if they still have access to iy or if every time you “set up” it removes it from other accounts.
So does anyone know if an old coworker still can be peaking in?

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It does.

If you want to make extra sure you can turn on two factor authentication (although I usually advise against it).

You could always replace it with another camera of course, but that’s not necessary either.

I should add that, depending on ownership, you might want to have one person with the Wyze account that controls the camera, and have others access it via their own separate accounts, to which you “share” the view. This, too, is not strictly necessary if you trust each other.


Thanks! This gives me the peace of mind i needed!

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I removed access from the person I was sharing my cam with and they can still see it, it doesn’t show that the camera is shared at all in the settings, what is the best way to make sure that they are removed?