New account doesn't have basic account categories like messages or notifications

So my husband set up his account and shared one camera to my email. I can see the camara fine but on listing of cameras, the one he shared with me so sharing pending. I set up my own account following the automated email from Wyze saying the a camera had been shared with me. Once I set up my account, there is no section on My Account that allows me to see notifications or messages to accept sharing. I have deleted and added app several times, changed passwords to reset account, still no luck. Suggestions?

Try this:

Ask your husband to delete the original share. Then share it again.

Although I don’t understand why you guys have to go through the sharing process? Just use the same login and password for your Wyze apps.

The primary objective of sharing is, to give the person sharing, a measure of control; he can stop the sharing at any time.

when sharing the person with whom the camera is shared losses some of the core abilities of the app. one is “view playback” to use the lost functions you need to use the full credentials of the main user.

I share cameras with my son, so he can see who’s at the front door, or track the cat when he’s bored. he doesn’t need the full functionality. depending on what you would like to do with the cams sharing login credentials might be your best bet. also keep in mind that if you do share credentials, one one version can view the cameras at a time. something that has led to confusion in the past with people thinking their cameras weren’t working correctly.

Is there really a restriction that only one with the original credentials can view the cameras?

I just tested it from two Android devices, and I see both streams. I did this for cases when both devices are on the same LAN, and when one isn’t on the LAN.

@Bam is correct - sharing the account in its entirety with someone allows them to change or delete anything. Sharing the cams thru the share feature with someone else with their own account limits them.
Could avoid relationship friction!

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This is true, but what’s the use of all that precaution when she has physical access to the cameras? She can easily reset them under her account.

maybe it was fixed in a new firmware. but there was a point where if two people shared credentials only one could live view the camera at a time. the key being at the same time. two different devices could view them, but at separate times. if a person were viewing a camera and their spouse attempted to view it at the some time, that second person would get an odd little pop up and no connection. I personally have never been in this situation but I remember it happening to others. that’s the only issue that pops to mind when mentioning sharing credentials.

Running on iOS anyway multiple devices can view the same camera. These two devices are signed into the same account. I also tried it with a camera my Dad shares with me. Worked fine.

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Hmmmm interesting