Two phones, one camera

My fiance and I have a few WyzeCams in our house. I setup the WyzeCams on my account, on my phone. I then shared the cameras with my fiance so she can have access to them while she’s out of town. What we’ve found is that she’s unable to use the playback feature on her phone. I’m assuming this is because the cameras are shared with her.

Is it possible to set up the cameras on her account, as well as mine, so that we both have access to the playback feature (and anything else that’s restricted on shares)?


I’m using Android, she’s using iPhone.

I’ve noticed the same thing. I’m on Android and I have it shared with someone on iOS. Not sure if that matters?

Give her your account log in or log her into the main account… I had the same problem with sharing the camera… Different things were happening for the both of us. When I logged her in on my account, all problems ended…

they mention that they will be looking into shared access, but will not be priority.

I had same issues with Yi cameras, I just let her use my login (Master). Only way to get that access…

Ok but, can someone from Wyzecam confirm that there is actually a difference in functionality between the actual “owner” of the camera and the one that it is being shared with? Or is this a bug?

Same issue. We’re both on Android. I also stopped getting all push notifications after sharing the cams.
Sounds like the work around is to use the same login and ditch the share. But I haven’t tried that yet

I noticed a problem with the notifications after sharing as well. Hopefully someone from Wyzecam is listening.

I believe this issue will be solved in a couple of updates, if not with the version update coming out soon

Yippee! I’m in the app beta, and recently updated to app version 1.2.32, and after just power cycling my cameras I started getting push notifications again! My camera firmware is, but I imagine that doesn’t matter.