Sharing camera with others

I shared my camera with another family member. They are able to view but when either of them press the mic button to talk the get the message voice not authorized. How do I fix this so they can talk through the camera and I am able to hear them? Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

I don’t think any of my shared users have tried to use two-way audio so I haven’t seen this, but I could try tonight. Is this the Android or iOS app? It could be that the app was not granted permissions to access the microphone rather than an issue with Wyze sharing.

I am using Android, my family is using apple. They are the ones having the problem with not being able to be heard.

I can try to test shared cameras later, but right now if I try to use two-way audio on my iPad to one of my cams (not shared, I’m signed in to the owner account) I get an iOS popup asking me to grant the Wyze app access to the mic. If I say “Don’t allow” then I get a gray overlay saying “Access denied” when I try to use the mic.

I can allow it by going to Settings, scroll down to the Wyze app, then toggle the slider for Microphone. Once I do that two-way audio works.

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Basically the same for shared cameras, but without the pop-up about needing access to the mic. If they have not given the app access to the microphone, then they will get a simple “Access Denied” with no explanation.

Like you said, they need to go into their Wyze app settings, and allow access to the microphone.

I’m looking for a feature to disable his very thing. For example

Share Live Video with a neighbor of camera pointed outside but NOT audio/mic so tat they’re hearing us or using mic

New to Forums so If there’s a thread discussing this, please point me in that direction.