Wyze Camera Sharing to family members

I tried to search the forum but can’t seems to find any topic on this one.

I have multiple Wyze camera in my house, and mix of V2 and V3.
Because i also have a Wyze Scale, my wife created another account so that she can track her progress using the scale. Because of that, I shared permission of the cameras so that she can view the camera as well.

After sharing the permission of the camera, we came to realize that she is not able to have the same grouping of cameras like i did on my main account. I grouped my camera to Front/Back/Inside house, but she can only see a list of unorganized cameras.

In addition to that, she cannot view playback from the SDCard recorded feed. This is a bummer, i thought she can have the same access like i do, that’s what SHARING mean to family.
Not sure why Wyze made it so hard.

I don’t think they made it so hard. But they didn’t take the time or put the effort into making it easier.

Have you considered providing your userid/password for the account to your wife? And she would simply log out and back in to her “scales” account until Wyze fixes it the way you wish it was? (Which may be never.)

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Yeah I did, as a matter of fact, she used my ID/Password in the past until we bought the scale.

Guess that’s the only solution, Wyze should have put more time into a thoughtful customer/user experience instead of keep launching new products with half bake implementation.

Yes, she can group cameras shared with he just like you can group cameras on he account. No difference at all.
And correct on a share recipient not being able to view playback. There is a wishlist item to allow more control of what a share recipient can and can not do.