New to Wyze...multi user question/advice

Just got my Wyze cam and my wife and I have a joint email address. But she also has a personal email address. If we both have the Wyze apps on our phones, is it better to just have one log-in using our joint email…or I noticed an option to “share” a camera with a user…can I, and should I share it with her personal email address and could she create a separate login for herself? Would that be better as she could set up what/how she wants notifications and event triggers…or is it better just to have the one account using our joint login?

A shared account has limitations, for example, it won’t be able to access the SD card clips.

It’s good in situations where you would like to retain control, say, stop the sharing arrangement at some point.

As qlang243 mentioned, there are some restrictions on the shared account, but I think it’s better to use two separate logins anyway. Originally, I just had my wife’s phone signed in to my account which is the main one, but then I switched hers to a shared account on her own email address. I did this mainly in preparation for the Wyze lock I ordered to avoid possible lock operation conflict , but I also thought it might be better for custom notifications and rules, although I haven’t tried any of that yet to see what’s possible.

Yes, good advice above. As mentioned, the accounts that are “secondary” users have limited access to what they can and can’t do.

But I expect the best reasoning here for a family member would be that they can control their own notifications independent of yours. One partner may like getting X and Y notifications at all hours, while the other may get annoyed by them.

Worst case scenario you just test it out and see for yourself, right? If she doesn’t like it, you can just sign out and give her your info. :wink:

Non shared: (using one account): Any change will affect all phones (except turning off all Wyze notifications at the phoneOS level).

Shared :

  • Change the device-level notification setting: affects all phones of owner and/or shared user
  • Change the account level global notification setting (bell icon): affects ONLY that account.