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Can my wife and I, both get notifications at same time, with wyze v,3?

Yes, if you both sign in to the same Wyze account. The app can be on as many devices as you like.
Any changes to the device settings will be reflected in all app instances.

My 2 v.3 was suppose to get this Month, now it says maybe Jan 1 shipping.
Not happy, with being mislead. No apologies from Wyze. And no discount for
inconvenience. I will never pre-order again. Angus Black thanks for your reply.

I never have and never will pre-order a product thst doesn’t exist. I consider it a 0% interest loan with no collateral.

Yes. If you both have a Wyze account, share the camera with your wife, and she’ll get all of the same notifications you do. No need to sign in to the same account as someone else suggested (although that would work too).

It’s easier to use the same account if you both want full control of the cameras.
There are some limitations to sharing.

True. But I’m a bit of a control freak, and my wife isn’t very technically savvy. So, sharing is best for us.


Thanks for your answer! What are limitations to sharing?