2 users with full functionality - is it possible?

I want to know if it’s possible for 2 users to view the same cameras from their own Android phones. I tried doing the “sharing” thing, but only the original user has any real functionality. So I tried logging into both phones with the same account, but whatever settings/notifications are changed, it changes it for both phones.

My problem is this: my husband and I need to be able to view the cameras from our own phones, we both need the ability to view the SD card, and we need to set up our notifications differently (I’m ok with getting notifications all the time, he wants them only if a person is detected and only during certain hours).

This shouldn’t be this difficult, and I know this is an issue for probably half of the Wyze customers, so why isn’t this an easy solution? I’ve spent the past few days researching it, and have found dozens of different answers and “solutions” spanning at least the past 5 years, but nothing seems to work.

Please help!

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Unfortunately, this is how it is currently. My wife uses my main account login info so she has access to all the cameras and SD footage etc, but doesn’t want any of the notifications, so she disabled the notifications from the app in her iphone. If she were to enable the notifications, she would get the same as me.

Even if you were to share a camera with another user account, that user would share the same notification settings as the main account holder account.

There is a wishlist for multiple shared user permissions, which is requesting different settings allowed for different users of shared devices. I’ll link it below, so visit and vote and comment to help support if you wish.

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As @Omgitstony indicated, if you want full functionality on both accounts, you will both need to use the same login Account. And, since the Notification settings within the App are Account level settings saved on the Server, not the App, both are subject to the same notifications.

But, since you tagged this thread Android, there are 3rd party Android apps available that can take care of the Notification Management from the local phone side. I use MacroDroid, but others have found success in using BuzzKill, Tasker, or most recently FilterBox.

You would set your Wyze App to the highest level of notifications either of you wanted and change your Notifications Sound for the WyzeMessage notification channel in the OS Settings to None. Then, in the 3rd party app on each phone (local settings), you would configure it to dismiss all WyzeMessage notifications you didn’t want or during specific hours and to play a custom assigned tone for all the notifications you do want. I have a unique notification sound for every different cam and every type of AI Smart Detection on 27 cams. Because I use MacroDroid, I also have the ability to log every notification that comes in so I have a detailed history as well.

Thank you for your helpful reply. Looking at the wish list thing, it’s a shame that the original post was made 5 years ago, and still nothing has been done to give users this full functionality. It’s really making me second-guess my decision to go with Wyze instead of Google.

I was considering getting a couple of other Wyze products, like the smart plugs or bulbs or the lamp socket, but now I’m wondering if my husband would have access to the full functionality of those, as well.

That seems like an awfully convoluted “solution” to the problem. :confused:

Do you know if this is an issue with all of the Wyze products, including the smart plug, bulbs, or lamp socket? I’m not going to spend money on them if so. I’ll stick with the Geeni products that allow multiple users to control them.

It isn’t really an issue, that is the way it is designed currently, but that is the case for all Wyze devices installed to an Account. Device Notifications are Account level settings set on the server Account. They are not App level settings (stored individually on different phone app installs). Any phone\tablet with access to the device either by share or by direct account login will all receive the exact same device notifications as set within the device settings.

It is somewhat complicated to set up, especially when I have 70+ devices, and dozens of different notifications alert types being initiated from any given device. But, it provides exponentially more user customization capability than the Wyze App will ever provide. It is also highly effective. For example, when I get the Push Notification from the Wyze App that my HMS has activated the alarm, rather than the simple tone that all Wyze Push Notifications will get by using the Android Notification Tone, my phone does this regardless of what state it is in (DND, Sleep, Silent, Vibrate, Focus, etc.):

And, if you look at the age of the Wishlist topic that was linked, I prefer to be proactive in my automation solutions rather than wait for the manufacturer to customize it for me. There are no ecosystems that will fit your needs perfectly. They all have blind spots and deficiencies that don’t fit my needs. I am one to find a way around them. I am actually running five different ecosystems and have them all integrated together in one way or another.


Wow! That is some alarm. I’d need to change the sheets if that woke me up from a dead sleep! LOL

I’m still fairly new to the home automation scene, and still learning something new every day. I’ve become very comfortable with how Google Home works, and I use routines and a bunch of other features multiple times a day. I have several different ecosystems going on in my house, trying to figure out which works best for me. I started with some smart bulbs, found a bunch that just didn’t work with Google the way they were advertised or kept disconnecting randomly causing me to have to re-do the set up. I finally nailed down a brand that seems to work for me (Geeni) and have been integrating their stuff into my system as I can afford to.

The first Wyze cam I owned was inherited from my sister when she died. I think that one is a V2, but I haven’t looked too closely to figure it out, and refuse to climb a ladder to get to it again (it’s at the top of a wall at the apex of a vaulted ceiling). I liked it so much, I decided to buy 2 more Wyze cams, and settled on the OG. While researching the cams, I discovered all of the other things that Wyze had to offer, and put a few of them on my own wish list. Then I discovered the problem with having multiple people connecting to the cams with full functionality - including notifications - and found these forums. After reading for hours, I’m thinking that putting other Wyze bulbs or plugs or anything else would make it so that I’m the only one able to turn on/off the lights. I can’t even seem to get Google to work with Wyze on my own phone, which is a Pixel 6. I certainly don’t want to spend more money on something that doesn’t play nice with Google AND won’t allow others to control things unless everyone is signed into my account.