Configure Notifications only on one mobile device

Hello, my wife and I just purchased a Wyze Pan Cam and really are enjoying it. On each of our phones (Androids) we are logged into the account for the camera, and on my phone I want to receive push notifications from the camera, however my wife does not want to receive camera notifications on her phone.

I tried turning notifications off on her phone through the app, however it must apply this setting globally, as now my device also won’t receive notifications. Is there a way to have notifications sent to only one device. Thank you in advance.

@kdrymer Have you tried going into your phone’s settings and turn off notifications for the Wyze app. You should be able to disable the notifications on that specific phone that you don’t want to receive notifications on.


You need to set up another Wyze account with a different email on her phone and then share the device. Then the notifications can be shut of on hers and left on on yours.

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Thank you both for the feedback! I’ll try both those options and see which one works best for us.

kdrymer The notification setting on individual cameras being shared with somebody will turn off/on notifications for both the person the camera is being shared with and the person that is sharing the camera and vice a versa.
I know it is kind of screwed up but that’s the way it is right now

I suggest you do what @StopICU33 suggested and use the same account

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My wife and I have separate accounts all devices are on my account I share cameras and bulbs with her. Just check her phone and asked her she gets no notifications with hers turned off and I get them with mine on.

Non shared: (using one account): Any change will affect all phones (except turning off all Wyze notifications act the phoneOS level).

Shared :

  • Change the device-level notification setting: affects all phones of owner and/or shared user
  • Change the account level global notification setting (bell icon): affects ONLY that account.