Dont want notifications on one phone

So I have a work phone, and a personal phone. Sometimes I have both, sometimes I do not. I noticed that when I click the bell icon on the app to enable or disable notifications on one device, moments later it changes on the other. Is there a way to prevent this? I want my person phones notifications for cams to disable, but leave on my work phone during the day. Sorry if it has been covered, I tried searching but could not find an answer.

When you toggle the notifications in the Wyze app, it changes the settings on Wyze’s servers, not each device. This is why you see it change on both devices.

However, I see you’re on Android. Depending on which version of the phone OS you have, you may be able to toggle notifications off for the Wyze app in the OS itself. This will not affect the other phone. You should be able to go into the phone’s Settings, and then go into Apps, and then finally the Wyze app. Under App Settings, you select Notifications, and then turn them off there. Remember this is done outside of the Wyze app, and in the phone’s OS settings.


Great suggestion, I’m honestly a little disappointed I didn’t think of this myself. Although it is a few extra clicks, it isn’t horrible inconvenient as a solution. Thanks!

You’re welcome! We’re here to help each other. Glad that solved your problem. :slight_smile: