Best Way to Share Cameras

I’ve had a Pan Cam for a couple of years now. Best I can tell, after I set it up back then, I let my wife log into my account from her phone - but I am not sure I recall that correctly. We both have the same access to the camera and events and we both get notifications on our phones.

Today I set up a new WCO and when I went to check my wife’s phone, the Wyze app is asking to log in. It lists my email and is asking for the password. Does this confirm that I set up my wife’s phone with my account? Does the Wyze set up process ever ask for your phone number or is it using the apps push notifications?

But my real question is, what’s the best way to provide access to family members. Should they create their own accounts and somehow access the cameras in the house? Do I use the “share” feature? What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

If your using 2 factor authentication then Wyze will need one phone number per account (not one for ever device).

This is what I’d use. It’s easier to customize notifications for people and control who has access to the different cameras and devices.