Camera setup on 2 phones

I currently have a camera setup on my phone through Waze app but wanted to know if the same camera can be setup on a 2nd phone or different Waze account?

It can be setup on the 2nd phone either by using the same logon credentials, or sharing the individual camera with a another account.

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EXCATLY what he said lol

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can you be more specific on this?

I have a wyze cam here… mom wants me to install 2 at her house, and use her smart phone to monitor them, I also want to do that if I have to. I know how to set up the wyze cam, turn it on, turn on the app, add device, so camera sees the code box… that will add that device to my phone, right? and I can do the same thing with her phone for those 2 cams that I will install at her house, correct? and while Im there, add her 2 cams to my app on my phone, Correct?


That process will add the device to your account, not your phone. Then, any Wyze app on any device who logs on with your logon credentials can then see and control what you see and control. Live feed, SD card, settings and all. You do this with another trusted individual if you want both of you to have full control over the cams. In your case, that would give her full control over your cams too, so you may want to set the cams up on her account, and share them with your account.

You can share the cameras with a second set of logon credentials by adding the camera one account, then by going into the individual cam’s settings and selecting Share > [plus sign] and entering the other account’s ID (email address).

Then when the second account logs on with their app they will be shown a prompt, asking if they want to accept the shared cam. They do not get access to the general settings or the SD card at that point, but they can do a few things you wouldn’t expect, like being able to turn on or off the camera. They can delete the camera from their account, but can not otherwise affect it on yours. So, for this process you just need to decide who will control the camera settings and the SD card.

Using either scenario, you wouldn’t set it up at your house. You would set it up at hers, then set up each phone with the same credentials or different credentials.

One warning: If these are indoor cameras (which they probably are), be aware the only way to stop audio from being available to the second person over live stream is to physically REMOVE the microphone.