Setting up cameras for someone else

I purchased 3 cameras for a friend and told them.I would set them up for them. To make it easy could I create a new wyze account, set everything up for them in that account, then just give them the account information for them to use? Will this work if I set up everything on my android phone and they use iPhones?


yes, you can set it up on android on your phone, and once you are done, log out, give them the credentials and once they have the app on their iphone and log in, everything will show up for them. just make sure ( if they are the paranoid type) that they understand you also still know the credentials. or just let them set up the account on your phone for them before you set it up.


Just to be clear, though, the cameras have to be set up on the ultimate owner’s WiFi network. If you configure them on your own WiFi they won’t work in his or her house.

The plan was to go set them up in person and be able to just give them the username and password once everything was set up and working.


I went through with my original plan and everything worked out well. We are still adding cameras and it looks like you can have several “users” logged into the same account at once. I’m fairly sure once everything is set up the end user will be able to simply switch the password and I will be kicked out of their camera feed, which is perfect for what we were trying to accomplish.

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Glad to hear.