Set up cameras in a new house from a distance

I am moving to a new house in a new state and want to monitor the house until I move. I have Wyze cameras in my current house but was going to ask if a family member could put a couple in the new house. Is this possible to see these cameras in my new house without me physically setting them up?

Someone would have to physically set them up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you. If you sent the cameras to a family member who went to the house to set them, they could do it if you gave them access to your Wyze account to log in and set them up from their phone. Note that it is not recommended to give your Wyze account credentials to anyone, but if you do, you can always change your password afterward, or if you trust them implicitly, I suppose that is up to you. Alternatively, you could have them set up the cameras under their own account and then “Share” them with your account. Then you would still be able to live stream the cameras and view any cloud events if your camera supports cloud events.

Note that the new house would require that there is WiFi already set up with active internet access.

If you want to activate the cameras on your account yourself, then send them to a family member to set up at the new house, there are ways you could do that if you know what the WiFi name and password at the new house will be. One of us can give you steps for activating the camera using a matching hotspot SSID, then when they set it up at the new house, it will just attach itself to the new WiFi that matches what it was set up on initially.

If there is not yet any WiFi at the new house yet, it will be kind of pointless to have anyone set up the cameras there, since the cameras need internet to be able to work or be viewed.


Interesting question. On the one hand I would always recommend you continue to use your same network name and password in the new house as you current router, but in this case you aren’t locally in control.

I currently mimic my sister’s network. So if the somebody that could help at the remote site was someone like my sister, I’d have her do all the remote tinkering for me, like setting the network name & PW to what we both already use. Then I’d just set the cameras up myself before sending them to her, and all of my existing devices would work as soon as I got there.

If that remote someone isn’t someone you want to know details, then it is still cool if you buy your own equipment (recommended). Then you can set that equipment and the cameras up yourself and send it to them.

However this isn’t so easy if it is a dissimilar system to what you are currently using. So in that case maybe I’d let them set it up with the default password (usually written on the bottom of the device), and teach them how to add a camera to a second account you and they use only for monitoring the empty house.

Then when you arrive you can change the router to your old network name & PW, and manually add the few cameras there to your Wyze account.

That would let all your old equipment work, and lock them out of further monitoring.

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We have a new state? Where is it and what is it being called?


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