Set up a new cam remotely

I am snowbirding. If I had someone install a camera to my home network, would I be able to set it up from my remote location? Or do I have to be there in person?


Easiest would be to have someone at your remote location with the Wyze app using your login credentials. Then setup the camera at your remote location. Then you should be able to use your logins at your snowbird location and see the camera.

Another way is to set up the camera at your snowbird location, but you would need the exact same network with user name and password then send the camera to the remote location where once plugged in it should connect to the network. But this way wouldn’t allow much troubleshooting whee the person at the other end would have to login with your credentials anyway to troubleshoot.


You phone would need to be on the same network to set it up.


I actually do this for my sister in Phoenix (I am in Indiana). I changed my WiFi network login to match hers so I can set up devices for her, and then just send them. She plugs them in, and the instantly work.

As for Wyze devices, she let’s me know her Wyze account credentials for the setup (no inward-looking cameras so no problem), and then changes the password of the Wyze account to something new afterwards.

If we need to troubleshoot, she tells me the current password, and changes it when we are done.

Works great. :slight_smile:

Bonus is when she visits me or I visit her, our phones instantly connect.


Smart - very smart use of tech to make life and managing devices easier.

My sister with her iPad and my mother with her iPhone were constantly stuck trying to reconnect to each’s WiFi when they visited overnight/+. I told niece to change one of the WiFi network SSID and pass to match the other, so they are the same. She did. BINGO. Suddenly all connection problem disappeared.