Can my daughter log into my acct to check on our vacation home

New wyze cam owner. Is it possible for my daughter to log in and check on the cam set up in our second home? We each live in different states and our second home is in a third state. The cam will be on my Wyze acct. I use an android Samsung 9+ and she uses an iPhone 8. If so, how would this be done? Thank you.

Hi @maryeleek,

You would just need to supply her with your login information. Or She can set up an account, and you can choose to “share” specific cameras with her. it will ask for the email addess of the person that you would like to share with and you would simply enter in her email with the account she created.

So you have 2 ways to set it up, it doesn’t matter that you are each on separate types of phones. :smiley:

EDIT: As @Omgitstony States, the Sharing Feature will only allow Live Viewing of the Cameras, and providing your login information would allow all features including playback.


Thank you so much for your prompt and very helpful reply. … mel

Although sharing doesn’t allow that other login the ability to view playback, only view live. If that’s what you want her the have the ability to do, you may need to share the main login.


Thank you for this clarification. I haven’t yet set up the cam so after I’ve had a chance to use the app I’ll have a better understanding of the difference. I have been studying ‘you tube’ videos but there is nothing like a hands on experience. My thanks again for taking time to help me. mel


Hi, @maryeleek. Another good resource are the support pages. :slight_smile:


Highly recommended, I wish all new users would spend lots of time doing both to get to know the products and what they can do for you.