Stop someone who you shared your camera with from sharing it with someone else

As far as I can tell, if you share your camera with someone else, they then have the capability of sharing it with yet another person who you haven’t ok’d to view your camera.

Is there a way to stop this?


Agreed! This is incredibly important. I think the owner (who sets it up) should be an admin and you should be able to choose to give other users “guest” or “admin” rights. Guests should only have ability to view, not mess with settings, share, or turn cameras off through the app. My August Door lock functions like this and I’d love to see wyze do something similar.


VOTE for that capability here:

As far as I can tell it is not possible to share , A shared Camera , I don’t think it ever has been Possible .
When I tap on Shared devices, There is a list of my cameras that I Can share But , the 3 cameras that are shared with me are not in that list Which means I would not be able to share them with someone else

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In the App, go to Account. Click on Device Sharing. Select camera. Click on Cancel.

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How long does it take for a share email notification to be received?

Once you share a device with other person they get an email saying you have shared the device and they also receive an in app notification instantly.

I just shared a camera, and did not see an email appear at that address. I did however see a prompt when I loaded that account with the Wyze app, asking if I wanted to accept the share.

What if they do not have the app installed?

Then why would you share the cam? This is an app-specific function. You need a Wyze app to view the shared cam.

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Noticing the same. No email being delivered.

Try checking spam folder.

Did that as well. No email.

Nothing in my test account spam folder.

Weird, I’ll try and see if I can repro.

Thanks for testing.

The workaround is to just have them log onto their Wyze app. You can send an email that tells them that.

Thanks for the workaround. What will they see in app to know cam is available?

They will see a prompt as soon as they log on asking if they want to accept the share.

Issue is that for privacy and security reasons their needs to be a email sent out so that there is a second tier of notification. Ex, when you stop sharing a device the viewer gets notified access has been revoked.