Multiple accounts on same camera-want privacy, not shared access

I have one Wyze account for my cam v2 and v3 and it is unshared. However, I am concerned that some other person could scan one or both of the camera codes on the camera and set up their own wyze account and thus see the same recordings I would in my account. Possible? Not desired! Hopefully, only one account can be assigned to the “owners” camera. Please advise. I consider this hacking and therefore I don’t have true surveillance of the property because the results could be manipulated or removed.

If someone has physical access to the camera, they could only create a Wyze account and add the camera by resetting the camera with the setup button. That would give them control of the camera as if it was brand new, but not any video or account info from the original account holder. If there was any video on an installed Micro SD card, physical access to the camera would obviously allow removal of the Micro SD card and viewing of that stored video. If someone reset and added the camera to their own account, you would then loose access to that camera, but I think you can still view events recorded in the cloud. Not completely sure about that.

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At this point, yes, someone who has physical access to your camera could re-setup the camera and put it on their account - which removes it from your account. There is a wish list item for a requirement to require permission from the existing account holder in order to do that., but as of when I am typing this, that is still just a wish list item.
As I recall if someone hijacks your camera that way, they do not get access to previous cloud based recordings, however they would get access to recordings on the uSD card (if installed).

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Thanks for your input. I have a SD card installed. It is of some comfort to know that if what I am concerned about happened that I would lose access to the camera. That would be an obvious indication that I had been “hacked” or booted off the camera. I just don’t like the idea that the camera can be accessed at all without permission to share or setup another account for same camera. Appreciate your responses. p.s. I hope your wish list item becomes a reality, K6CCC.